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An Exciting, Thrilling, Complete Navy Seal Romance Box Set 

Book 1 - The Navy Seals Delivery

Aaron has always been the nice guy in the community; everyone's smiling best friend. He is an accomplished Navy Seal, who chose a different life from his ranch running brother. 

Aaron had it all; he was muscular, handsome, and wasn’t shy of buck. But what he didn't have was love. All of his friends were getting married, and Aaron's heart was breaking. He had secrets that he knew meant no one local would ever love him. 

Book 2 - The Navy Seals Secret

Jessica is a curvy, beautiful, independent woman who has managed to climb her way up the corporate ladder, and into a high-end leadership position. She put her lives accomplishments down to avoiding encumbering relationships, and certainly didn’t plan on being with someone in the near future. 

However, Jessica was unaware that her life was about to change drastically, when a hunk of a soldier named Blake stepped off the plane. Blake was as handsome as they come, and more importantly, a Navy Seal. He demanded respect wherever he went, and that’s what he got. Their lives almost seemed intertwined as they bumped into each other almost everywhere and not before long, Blake changed from the handsome soldier off the street to a very familiar lover. 

From lust to love they traveled, and they stood together in the face of one of life's greatest forks. When Blake is offered a chance to ship out again, will they acknowledge what they have and choose to cherish it, or write it off and hope, “maybe next time?” 

Book 3 - Claimed By The Navy Seal

Gretchen is reeling from the loss of her toxic boyfriend. Feeling lonely and in need of human contact she heads to her local bar. Her town was full of handsome, muscular military men and after not long, she catches the eye of a Navy SEAL, James. 

However, James is wrestling with his own demons. Being on tour always leaves a mark on a soldier, and James feels perturbed knowing his friends are still in the middle of a war zone. But the nearness of Gretchen puts his soul at ease, and he hopes that he can make things right and just keep her safe. 

The past has a way of catching up, and their relationship is put to test when Gretchen’s old boyfriend steps back into town. 

Book 4 - A Homecoming Secret

Chris is a successful Navy Seal, and he enjoys serving for his country and his unit. However, as friends begin to fade so does his passion for the job. 

Chris’ parents see him struggling and want nothing more than to see him happy. In a last stitch effort, they look to an idea similar to the old ways, an email order bride. 

Warning: Readers should be 18 or over due to mature content and language.

Brigitte Bordeaux, Rayna Walsh
hr min
July 23
Sarah Mitchell and Emily Cooper