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Four of beloved author Neil Gaiman's delightfully scary, strange, and hilarious children's tales read by the author, now available unabridged. This collection includes:

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish: An unforgettable story that will take readers on a journey into the murky mind of a young boy and the perils of striking a bargain.

The Wolves in the Walls: Lucy is sure there are wolves living in the walls of their house -- and, as everybody says, if the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over. Her family doesn't believe her. Then one day, the wolves come out.

Cinnamon: This charming fable of an exotic princess who refuses to speak currently exists only on Neil's official website and has never been published in print or any other format.

Crazy Hair: Bonnie tries to comb the narrator's crazy hair -- where gorillas leap and tigers stalk -- and is in for a surprise in this delightful rhyming tale.

Kids & Young Adults
Neil Gaiman
hr min
January 25

Customer Reviews

SootyFootyPut ,

Very Entertaining

I bought this to check out the books before sending them to my nieces (4 and 6). I liked it so much that I've kept it on my iPod. Neil Gaiman is a fabulous storyteller, but he really shines when he writes and reads to kids. These are very different stories. Kids love his reading as well. He has shounds like Harry Potter.

The books are beautifully done illustrated by Dave McKean. The books plus this audiobook make a great gift. And adults will like it too!

This also includes an interview of Gaiman by his young daughter, Maddy. Kids just love it! Also his children's novel, Coraline, also read by the author, is another fave on my iPod.

Fragile Things a collection of short stories by Gaiman is also available on iTunes.

Lunasee ,

Great Listening

Engaging, funny stories, well read - as only the author could do. My kids loved this series and listen to them over and over again.

mimsy ,

Charming Whimsy

Neil Gaiman's collection of childrens stories are whimsical, creative, and humorous. I purchased this collection for a family roadtrip. Although the stories were short, they were well loved by all of us (ages: 3, 9, and.... grown-up) The entire collections comes in at under an hour of listening time. With wonderful narration by Gaiman himself. Though I do believe it would have been better had there been more pause between stories. It gave little time to reflect upon the content of the previous reading. For me, that deducts one star, on an otherwise flawless collection of whimsical, humorous, moral tales for the entire family.

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