The Next Time I Go to Heaven I Will Not Be Back!: My Journey to Heaven (Unabridged‪)‬

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She awoke from her coma wondering, “Why am I laying in this hospital bed?” In her own words, author Willie Agnes Chennault, states, "This sickness that was allowed to come upon me was like the sickness of Job from the Bible days. Jesus had to allow this sickness to come upon me. I asked the Lord to renew my life.”

The journey that author Willie Agnes Chennault took to Heaven was more than she could ever imagine it would be. The Lord showed Heaven to her in the spiritual realm. She states, “The Lord took my soul with him so I could rest for a while. You cannot get to Heaven in the flesh - flesh and blood cannot enter into Heaven.

In The Next Time I Go to Heaven I Will Not Be Back, author Willie Agnes Chennault’s spirit stepped out of her physical body, and she was made anew in the likeness of Jesus. She talks about how she defeated death and how she was healed in the grave. She details a chilling experience of how she went down into the earth and how she found herself walking through a tunnel of light.

Willie Agnes Chennault stated that she was smiling and had unspeakable joy as she walked through the tunnel. She states, “So much peace and joy surrounded me!” Author Willie Agnes Chennault felt and saw the glory of God in all of his brightness when she stepped out of the tunnel, which was unbelievable. She was glad she was afflicted. She adds, “All that I went through, I thank God for this journey.” 

The Next Time I Go to Heaven I Will Not Be Back details author Willie Agnes Chennault’s spiritual journey and prayer life from childhood to adulthood, which demonstrates the true healing power of Jesus Christ. Sickness and disease have to fall at the feet of Jesus Christ. Author Willie Agnes Chennault’s words in this book, that were given to her by Jesus Christ, is thought-provoking for how life will be on the other side.

The information, insight, and inspiration shared by God with her are remarkable and prophetic. God reveals himself in ways that make heaven and earth shake at his glory. This personal encounter and experience that author Willie Agnes Chennault had should leave you longing to make it to that special place known as Heaven. Her personal experience to Heaven will have you considering your temporary suffering unworthy to be compared with the miraculous journey to Heaven.

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