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"Contrary to what most underperformers claim, sales success is not situational. It's not about the market, the product, the company, or the competition. No, it's all about the seller-the individual." -from the Foreword
Anthony Iannarino never set out to become a salesman, let alone a sales manager, speakers, coach, or writer of the most prominent blog doubt the art and science of great selling. He fell into his profession by accident, as a day job while pursuing rock-and-roll stardom.
Once he realized he'd never become the next Mick Jagger, Iannarino turned his focus to a question that's been debated for at least a century: Why are a small number of salespeople in any field hugely successful, while the rest are stuck with mediocre results at best? Since then, and for over twenty-five years, he has read hundreds of books, tested countless strategies, and interviewed dozens of the best salespeople to figure out what sets the extraordinary ones apart from the rest.
Now he's boiled down everything he's learned and tested into one convenient audiobook, packed with useful material for everyone from raw rookies to tested veterans. He focuses on the building blocks that all successful sellers, regardless of industry or organization, share: a mind-set of powerful beliefs and a skill-set of key actions.
He explores nineteen essential traits and skills that nearly all great salespeople have, including...Self-discipline: How to keep your commitments to yourself and others.Accountability: How to own the outcomes you sell.Competitiveness: How to embrace competition rather than let intimidate you.Resourcefulness: How to blend your imagination, experience, and knowledge into unique solutions.Storytelling: How to create deeper relationships by presenting a story in which the client is the hero and you're their guide.Diagnosing: how to look below the surface to figure out someone else's real challenges and needs.Once you learn Iannarino's core strategies, picking up the specific tactics for your product and customers will be that much easier.
Whether you sell to big companies, small companies, or individual consumers, this is the audiobook you'll turn to again and again for proven wisdom, strategies, and tips that really work.

Business & Personal Finance
Anthony Iannarino
hr min
October 11
Ascent Audio

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liquidbro ,

Best Audiobook of the Year

I'm a hard core self-development fanatic going on 20 years. I work in sales and marketing, and trust me, I've heard them all. This book is hands down the best audiobook I listened to in 2016. And,it's the best sales book I've heard, period.

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