The Outlands Shifter The Outlands Shifter

The Outlands Shifter

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    • $7.99

Publisher Description

A British werewolf in the Wild West and a modern American girl collide in this steamy time travel romance!

I crave adventure and a real man, the kind who sweeps a woman off her feet and steals her breath away. But all I get in grad school is losers who don't even know how to kiss. My friends talk me into a day trip to an Old West ghost town for "fun." It's a truly lame excursion—until I'm catapulted back in time and straight into the arms of Sheriff Nathaniel Fortescue, the hottest British cowboy ever.

Kylie Drummond is not like any woman in the Devil's Outlands. She speaks strangely and dresses strangely, but unlike anyone else in this town, she does not fear me. That's her first mistake. I've been cursed to walk the night as a wolf ravening for blood, though Kylie will never know that. To protect her from me and from the Outlands’ worst elements, I must find a way to send her home—wherever or whenever that may be.

Nathaniel thinks I can't figure out his secret, but I've read enough novels about werewolves to get the picture. The attraction between us is red-hot and dangerous. Am I destined to save him? Or to destroy us both? When Nathaniel’s past sins threaten to unleash unspeakable evil, it’s not a matter of where we can hide. It’s a matter of when.

The Outlands Shifter is the first book in the Devil's Outlands series of steamy paranormal romance.

Shane East
hr min
June 7
Jacobsville Books

Customer Reviews

Bette H ,

Great Story & Narration🎧 Intriguing Fantasy PNR!

I am a huge fan of Anna Durand’s work, I love her writing style and the characters and storylines she creates. It is great to see another side of her creative mind in this Fantasy Time Travel, Paranormal romance. The story grabbed my attention right from the start and captivated it the entire time. The paranormal twist comes in the form of a werewolf shifter and no ordinary shifter either but a British one transplanted in an old West town back in the day. The story starts with Kylie Drummond visiting Wrathrock Ghost Town, a tourist attraction, with her friends. She has a bizarre encounter, strange things happens, friends are worried and then she remembers passing out on the dirt road of Wrathrock, when she wakes up everything has changed around her, coming to her rescue was the mysterious cowboy, Sheriff Nathaniel Fortescue. She learns she travelled back in time and is now in a place called the Devil’s Outland. I loved the banter between Kylie and Nathaniel, she is a modern day woman and some of the phrases she uses go over his head. Plus he is not used to woman being so forward and free spirited. I loved how everything plays out in this book, the story us cleverly plotted, the fantasy & paranormal elements are intriguing, how he became a shifter, the curse, his past life coming back to bite him and the connection Kylie has with him and the reason she had come to him. I loved the originality and uniqueness of this book, it keeps you guessing and on your toes at times, takes you to the edge of your seat other times, the romance is great as well. Anna Durand thank you for another great story.

🎧📚🎧And for the fabulous narration, Mackenzie Cartwright and Shane East were the perfect cast to bring these characters and their story to life. Their portrayal of the characters was spot on, they take each role and make it their own sounding believable and just as I picture them to sound. Shane East plays Nathanial with perfection, Mackenzie Cartwright did the same for Kylie. They set the perfect tone for the story, captured all the characters emotions and projected them into their performance. They are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another great listen🎧

Lovelyli ,

Werewolf and time travel 😏

Cute time travel tale about a grad student visiting a ghost town and being trust back to 1830 and meeting a bitter werewolf sheriff who runs a town for the damned.

toast_12 ,

Utterly ridiculous

There were funny moments and a few cute moments, but overall I could not deal with the low brow intellect in this book.

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