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Audie Award Nominee, Business and Educational, 2013

Getting an MBA is an expensive choice - one almost impossible to justify regardless of the state of the economy. Even the elite schools like Harvard and Wharton offer outdated, assembly-line programs that teach you more about PowerPoint presentations and unnecessary financial models than what it takes to run a real business. You can get better results (and save hundreds of thousands of dollars) by skipping business school altogether....

Josh Kaufman founded PersonalMBA.com as an alternative to the business school boondoggle. His blog has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers to the best business books and most powerful business concepts of all time. Now, he shares the essentials of entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, negotiation, operations, productivity, systems design, and much more, in one comprehensive volume.

The Personal MBA distills the most valuable business lessons into simple, memorable mental models that can be applied to real-world challenges.

True leaders aren't made by business schools - they make themselves, seeking out the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to succeed. Read this book and you will learn the principles it takes most business professionals a lifetime of trial and error to master.

Business & Personal Finance
Josh Kaufman
hr min
September 4
Worldly Wisdom Ventures LLC

Customer Reviews

Badmatty ,

Not so great

I'm struggling to not sound too stung by the loss of funds I so foolishly "invested" in this "book," but it really is quite hard not to be dissatisfied after spending so many hours waiting for the point. The only thing I really got from this was an introduction to the book "Pitch Anything." I'd urge you, unless you're looking for a basic overview of business which in fact this book will give you, to look a little further down the line.

ckfrank73 ,

Audiobook is not divided into chapters!

You get two 6 hour audio clips! This is ridiculous for a book so dense in concepts. It must be fixed so to use properly. Can I please have my money back!

Matthew Iglesias ,

The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business

This second edition is great, so far, include everything from first edition and a lot more. The only problem, is with iTunes. On an iPod or iPhone it shows the different chapters, but on iTunes or in the iPad the book appear as two long 6 hours tracks. Yes, on iTunes and iPad you can press the skip button and move to the next chapter, but this is the only way to navigate through chapters. If you want to go to Chapter 5 you have to press skip button 5 times. Ther is NO option to see the chapters as in the iPhone or iPod and select the chapter you want to listen. Is not a big deal, unless you want to listen again and you only have a loooong progress bar for the 6 hours, so using your finger to move back the audio progress bar indicator and repeat a section, is a pain on iTunes or in the iPad. APPLE FIX THIS!!

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