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Connie is looking forward to starting work on her graduate thesis over the summer, when her mother asks her to sell an abandoned house once owned by her grandmother in Salem, Mass. Relunctantly, Connie moves to the small town and inhabits the crumbling, ancient house, trying to restore it to a semblance of order.

Curious things start to happen when Connie finds the name "Deliverance Dane" on a yellowed scrap of paper inside an old Bible, and begins to have visions of a long ago woman condemned for practicing "physick," or herbal healing, on her neighbors in 1690s Salem.

Interspersed with modern-day sections are chapters on the actual witch trials, revealing the fascinating story of Deliverance Dane and how she got caught up in the tragic events. Connie meets an intriguing young steeplejack named Sam, who's also interested in the history of the area. But just as Connie starts to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding Deliverance's identity, Sam has a horrifying accident, and Connie has to figure out a way to save him that involves an ancient and mystical cure. And to do that, she needs to locate the actual "physick book" once owned by Deliverance Dane herself.

Immediately compelling, with powerful historic insight and detail, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane is that rare find - a literary first novel with a very commercial premise and pacing.

Katherine Kellgren
hr min
June 9
Hyperion AudioBooks

Customer Reviews

WaywardPuritan ,

MST3K should be revived for audiobooks like this

So I love any book with wayward Puritans. However this plot smacks of a B-movie thriller with a ridiculously unaware main character whom you want to scream at for being so obtuse. The saving grace: it's a prettily written book with interesting arcane facts. The audiobook, however, left me in stitches. The accents, while probably well researched and accurate, are hysterical when added to the unbelievably inept Harvard professors and doctoral candidates. And it did keep me awake on a late night road trip.

Lvrn32 ,

Physick book of deliverance Dane

Great book. Interesting story.

S. Thornton ,

Read the book!

The book is a much better read than the audiobook. The voice of the reader is great for a couple of the characters but certainly not all. Also, the chimes used to denote transitions between chapters are annoying and unnecessary. 4 stars for the book. 3 stars for the audio version.

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