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Liberals scoff when conservatives denounce Obama and his policies as socialist. After all, they argue, Obama isn’t Stalin and America is nothing like the Soviet Union.

But socialism doesn’t always resemble the Berlin Wall or the Iron Curtain, as National Review editor Kevin Williamson proves in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism. In this new PI Guide, Williamson reveals the truth: despite what the liberal politicians and leftist pundits would have you believe, the policies coming out of Washington today are nothing more than socialism disguised as equality and justice for all.

Tracing socialism back to its roots, Williamson defines this misunderstood ideology, explains the different forms socialism takes on, and shows how it is thriving right here in the United States in the form of “Obamacare,” financial regulations, and more. Offering conservatives the political and rhetorical ammunition they need to combat the liberal lies about one of the most misunderstood ideologies in modern history, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism reveals why everything socialism purports to do, the free market does better.

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Tom Weiner
hr min
January 14
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Shaolin Ninja ,

Haven't read it....but...

Anonymous0089....you mistook the narrator for the author. I'm afraid it's you that is the weiner.

Ikenosis ,

An Objective consideration.

No, this series of lectures is not a tirade against Obamas Presidency, it is a careful exposé of the consistent historical relationship between the idea of centralized political-economic authority and national economic collapse. Naturally produced business markets cannot survive any more when utterly ignored and uprooted by invasive government policy that consistently carries self-interested programs designed to ever increase the size & scope of federal or centralized power. Many young people today, as in the past several generations have been told that communalism & collectivism is the answer to the economic mess we have always struggled with, i think this lecture series does a competent initial job of dispelling that notion. Young people should try to save their money & begin a business doing something they love, that is how we can fix our country, through intelligence & hard work, not by borrowing more money. Peace to all!

Ronbo13 ,

Excellent survey of politics

Despite what the title might lead one to think, this is not just a pouring-out of bile onto political opponents. It is, instead, a very thoughtful and detailed discussion of the problem of central planning of a complex society. It surveys and examines the many forms of socialism, discusses where they differ and why. It examines some of the assumptions the left has had about the evils of capitalism. And I think he does a pretty good job of trying to be fair about it. Because of the title, I think people on the left will avoid this book. It's a pity though, because I think everyone should be exposed to a well-reasoned rebuttal. I think this would be a good choice (or "The New Road to Serfdom" which is another excellent choice, more narrow in focus).

The review by "annonymous0089" can be discounted, btw. He was in such a stumbling hurry to defend Obama against any and all attacks that he couldn't be bothered to spell his name right or listen to this book. If he had done the latter, he'd know that this book isn't about Obama and it's not written by Weiner. Hilarious fail on so many levels.

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