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The Bible remains the bestselling book of all time, believed by nearly two billion people (Christians and Jews) to be divinely inspired. But in this hard-hitting new book, author Robert J. Hutchinson argues that it is actually much more than this. The ideas enshrined in the Bible, he says, triggered a revolution in human thought and established the moral and philosophical foundation for Western civilization, from the recognition of basic human rights and belief in limited government to authentic feminism and the development of empirical science. He shows that it is more a “culture-war” book than a work of religious apologetics.

Though the Bible is today under relentless attack by left-wing academics, novelists, and screenwriters to justify their own political agendas, Hutchinson fires back in this fast-paced, politically incorrect tour of the most important book ever written. This is a book atheists will fear and honest inquirers and believers will relish.

Religion & Spirituality
Tom Weiner
hr min
November 19
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Wombat Warrior ,

Reading (or listening) to the book is helpful for reviews

Dear 'Man of Reason'

Oddly enough many of your claims, which you say do not add up to small government, do not appear in this book. Second, it wouldn't matter if they did appear in the book because the book is not an argument for free market economics or government regulation. While this seems obvious-a book defending the Bible being about the Bible-it has apparently escaped you.

The Man of Reason ,

HA! 5 Stars for comedy!

Supporting bans on....

-gay sex
-sex toys

=small government?

Wow, I wonder what "big government" folks are like LMFAO!

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