The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization

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Western civilization is under attack. At universities and in the media, professors and pundits decry Western civilization as exploitative, destructive, and without value.

But fear not: coming to its defense is this "P.I." guide to Western civilization.
Using historical evidence, Professor Anthony Esolen knocks down the relativist arguments and shows how the West laid the cornerstones for all of modern civilization, including historical, artistic, and intellectual achievements.

We owe it to history and to ourselves to acknowledge Western civilization's role in shaping our values and our world.

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Malcolm Hillgartner
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May 27
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Customer Reviews

Penfox20 ,

Tour de Force

Anthony Esolen takes an alien's-eye perspective on Western Civilization with amazing prose and poignant analysis on the critical elements that have led to the greatest explosion of freedom, wealth, and innovations the world has ever seen. It unapologetically marks out Judeo-Christian philosophy as the foundation of Western Civilization, correcting the history and and destroying the myths about the Middle Ages, the Rennaissance and the so-called "Age of Reason" and demonstrating how the modern socialist movements are antithetical to all that has been accomplished, threatening to bring us into a real Dark Age. A must for anyone who is interested in history, sociology, and freedom.

GalacticaLover ,

Misleading title

I wanted this to be interesting and an education, but I felt deceived. A more appropriate title would be: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Christianity in Western Civilization. That wouldn't be a bad title. I'm not opposed to Christianity, but this was supposed to be a book about Western Civilization. While I accept that Christianity is as much a part of Western Civilization as baseball is a part of America, I don't expect a book about America to dwell on baseball. I just finished books about Teddy Roosevelt and the Eisenhower's Administrations. There was no reference to baseball in either. This book doesn't go two minutes without quoting some Scripture or lauding one or another religious sect. Again, that's fine, but make it clear in the title. That's all I'm saying.

Alphonsus Jr. ,

Antidote to Idiocy

Ignore GalacticaLover's wildly ignorant and frivolous review. To place Christianity and baseball on the same plane reveals a truly stunning level of ignorance. What a philistine.

This book is an essential antidote to all of the civilization destroying acid being thrown at the West and its people day after day by Cultural Marxists and their useful idiots. Speaking of Cultural Marxism, see this essay on Vdare: "Yes, Virginia Dare...There is Cultural Marxism," by Paul Gottfried. Also regularly read Vdare.

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