The Price: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Lairds of the Crest, Book 2) (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

She’s an agent running from her past. He’s the warrior who will become her future. 

In her desperation to undo the tragedy that stole everything from her, Maggie Sinclair becomes entangled in an enchantment and thrust into 15th-century Scotland. Torn from everything she knows, her mission becomes survival. 

Losing his wife and unborn child all but crushed the spirit of the once-proud Highland warrior, Callum O’Roarke. But when the sisters of Brackish Abbey press Callum to take in their new charge - a woman whose emotional scars are as deep as his own - he reluctantly agrees, offering Maggie sanctuary. 

Thrown together after devastating circumstances, the pair find common ground in their shared pain, and begin to forge a friendship. Thinking he has nothing left to give, Callum learns to love again. After being trapped in the past, Maggie discovers she’s in exactly the right place. 

Dear Listeners, 

I hope you enjoy Maggie and Callum’s time travel love story in The Price as much as you did Gwen and Greylen’s in The Prophecy; I am absolutely loving the Lairds of the Crest series! 

If you listened to one of the first editions of The Prophecy before listening to The Price, you might be confused that the Lairds of the Crest series has jumped back in time by 100 additional years. Allow me to explain. 

I’ve since shifted the time setting of the Lairds of the Crest series from the 16th century to the 15th century, and all current editions of The Prophecy reflect this. 

It’s all a matter of ignoring my instincts and then finally listening to myself - and my readers and listeners! When I first started writing The Prophecy, I originally set in the early 1400s. Then in subsequent edits, I moved it ahead 100 years, mistakenly thinking life in that later time period wouldn’t seem so stark. But the history wasn’t working quite right. 

So now Gwen and Greylen’s love story is back in the 1400s, where it was always meant to be - and where we also find Maggie and Callum.

There are more Lairds of the Crest novels coming soon, and I am so glad you are with me on this journey!

With love,


Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Marian Hussey
hr min
July 27
Taggart Press