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USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor doesn’t disappoint…

A cold-blooded serial killer is carving up bodies... Who's next? 

Still reeling from his wife's unexpected and violent death, Federal Agent Clayton Munro must ignore his pain and throw himself into his work as a profiler on a time sensitive case. With a serial killer on the loose in Sydney, he is forced to team up with the local police in an effort to stop the vicious murders.

Lead detective, Ellie Cooper doesn't let her tragic past stop her from anything. Determined to uncover the details behind the murders, she refuses to be distracted by the arrogant and handsome federal agent new to the case. 

But as corpses keep piling up, Ellie and Clayton are under pressure to capture the criminal while keeping their anger—and attraction—at bay. With Ellie at the top of his hit list, this particular killer is more dangerous than either of them realize. Can the profiler save her before it's too late? 

If you love Nora Roberts, Liliana Hart, and Cristin Harber, you’ll love this pulse-pounding romantic suspense thriller from Chris Taylor. The Profiler will keep you listening right until the very end.

Aiden Snow
hr min
July 21
LCT Productions

Customer Reviews

SpoiledBabydoll ,

Good book

I enjoyed this book. Although I wasn’t surprised of the outcome. I knew what was going to happen before the book said. Yes there are a few cuss words but they are used to convey emotions. Yes there are two sex scenes but nothing that bad. At least in my opinion. The person reading the book has a very nice voice and did an excellent job.

KRLO2018 ,

The Profiler

The storyline of this book was good; language was not great-a lot of F-bombs and other unnecessary profanity. If you don’t want graphic sex-I did a lot of fast forwarding-this book is not for you! Wish I had made a different choice...

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