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"A.I.": A young programmer works long hours in the lab on the latest A.I. project. Funny that he can't ever remember leaving... "Gorblat's Jig": It's alien abduction meets fishing derby in this hilarious short subject. Recorded before a live audience. "A Distant Land": Years after leaving the planetary colony where she grew up, a woman returns as an Inspector General, only to discover that things have changed beyond imagining in this sci fi drama. "The Super Happy Sugar Elves": It's the terrifying world of children's animation as written by an over-caffeinated, over-stressed horror writer. It's the Super Happy Sugar Elves!!! "The Wind & the Cold": A couple drive thru a blizzard to be together at a mountain cabin. But as the weather worsens, so do their moods until she marches impulsively out into the storm only the elements themselves have similar problems. "Heads & Tails": Two women go fishing to get away from men, only to be bothered by a merman on the hunt for a mate. "Special Offer": In a future world where all of us live in cubes made of interactive screens, a teenager learns the horrible price of questioning her "service providers" wisdom. Recorded before a live audience. "Ice Lair of the Elder God": Two teens text and email back and forth to unravel the mystery of a dark island on a Northern Lake until things take a tragic turn. Recorded before a live audience. "Northern Gothic": A fanciful tale of resolute young girl coming to live at the mysterious mansion of her strange uncle in the style of the Addams Family or A Series of Unfortunate Events. "The Mermaid": When a widower decides to brood his life away at the family cabin, a chance encounter with a magical creature of the lake changes his mind about love. Recorded before a live audience. "Baiting Bumpo": A surly ice-fisherman who just wants to be left alone meets the King of the Walleye who makes him a tantalizing offer.

Drama & Poetry
Jeffrey Adams, Aela Mackintosh, Cody Boyer, Karen Shickell, Jim Yount, Rachel Adams
hr min
December 8
Icebox Radio Theater

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