The Rainbow Comes and Goes

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A touching and intimate correspondence between Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, offering timeless wisdom and a revealing glimpse into their lives

Though Anderson Cooper has always considered himself close to his mother, his intensely busy career as a journalist for CNN and CBS affords him little time to spend with her. After she suffers a brief but serious illness at the age of ninety-one, they resolve to change their relationship by beginning a year-long conversation unlike any they had ever had before. The result is a correspondence of surprising honesty and depth in which they discuss their lives, the things that matter to them, and what they still want to learn about each other.

Both a son’s love letter to his mother and an unconventional mom’s life lessons for her grown son, The Rainbow Comes and Goes offers a rare window into their close relationship and fascinating life stories, including their tragedies and triumphs. In these often humorous and moving exchanges, they share their most private thoughts and the hard-earned truths they’ve learned along the way. In their words their distinctive personalities shine through—Anderson’s journalistic outlook on the world is a sharp contrast to his mother’s idealism and unwavering optimism.

 An appealing memoir with inspirational advice, The Rainbow Comes and Goes is a beautiful and affectionate celebration of the universal bond between a parent and a child, and a thoughtful reflection on life, reminding us of the precious insight that remains to be shared, no matter our age.

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Customer Reviews

huntess ,

Thoroughly enjoyed

Well written & a wonderful tribute to a fascinating woman

Emy us my nick name ,


In showing us into your homes you have helped me in the remembrances of how life was when I was young. In the tail of the way your mother was introduced to the should of, could of, would ofs and silences or unspoken parts of life in “The Day”. Though I was of the fourths it was still a time when one had to guess about things and how to work through them, unlike today where answered are fruitfully given. You were strictly tottered in deportment but left to guess about the steppingstones in life.. Your interfacing was such a brilliant way to introduce the George of each other. I loved the conversational writings that have gone the way of a casual letter to another., I realized I’m missing that part of communication. I think I’ll write my sister in long hand. What a beautiful relationship you have developed. Thank you, Elizabeth

Vljmdj12 ,

Title is appropriate

Love this audio book. I love their relationship and how insightful both Anderson and Gloria are not only with their own lives and feelings but with others. The book makes you realize not to leave anything unsaid. Gloria especially with her mother if only she had asked that would of been a whole other book.

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