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There's good news for those that rage at the  evening news, shake their heads at Washington's  business-as-usual, or watch as politicians carom from  social crisis to political crisis to economic  crisis: Dennis Miller is back, and he means to shake the  nation by its lapels.

Miller respects no  boundaries. Whether the subject is dope-addled  baseball players who can no longer swing their bats,  do-nothing politicians who devote their careers to  creating meaningful sound bites, or the nation's  resigned acceptance of violence as a way of  American life, these thematically arranged monologues are  funny and angry. More significantly, they shatter  the conventions of comedy by simultaneously making  us laugh, think, and seethe.

Dennis Miller
hr min
July 5
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

upstage ,

Dennis, how I miss you

This is the first collection of rants from his long gone HBO late night series. Back in the 90s Miller was on the top of his game. And though listening to his monologues simply read lacks the umph of seeing these done live with an audience, there is still some wit and wisdom here.
Sadly, Dennis changed quite drastically in 2001. But was that change simple self-preservation? Always pragmatic, Dennis took no prisoners in his assessments of the world. And after 9/11 he saw his show cancelled and his Monday NIght Football gig yanked. His brand of tell it like it is no matter red or blue, was suddenly out of step. Sure, he leaned further right after 9/11, causing some on the right to adopt him (even if they didn't understand his references) as one of their own. In turn, and as an entertainer who needs to work, Dennis embraced the right leaning approach and used it to stay employeed. And though he has stumbled in his CNBS show, and his radio show is painful to listen to these days, he is still kicking out a living. Don't be surprised though, if Dennis shifts again in 2008 if politics changes hands again. After all, no matter what he deep down political views are, he is an entertainer and he has to feed his family with it. I for one would love to see the Dennis that is loud and proud in this Rants book, return to the forefront.

gruffteddybear ,

Love it!

The Rants is awesome. To everyone who doesn't like it, TOUGH! They are full of common sense which seems in such short supply nowadays, He pokes holes in a lot of conventional wisdom and makes you think. We need people to question politicians and church leaders and not just swallow what they say as the truth. George Bush and Cheney are perfect examples of this. Dennis Miller rocks.

omegaready ,

Petty Little Stalinists... Save It

Oh, you sad little liberals that run around giving 1 stars to everyone you wish were dead. If I am far to the right of Miller and can listen and enjoy Miller's rants, then what causes you "tolerant" leftist thought control devils to want to silence him? If you can't take it, why don't you Van Gough yourselves and live happier in silence. Then you can pretend everyone is constantly agreeing with you. I mean, since you're already insane, why not? Might as well enjoy your incoherence. Better yet, I'd like to strap you guys down, and play this on a loop until your little minds pop.

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