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Has the meaning of Christmas has been lost? How do you bring the true meaning of the holiday back to the season? If you want less focus on presents and more on Christian values, make sure your family has a copy of this book for your Christmas season.

In an era when Christmas is often portrayed as little more than a celebration of consumerism, many Christians are searching for a way to offer a deeper appreciation of the holiday to their children and family. New York Times Best Selling Author W. Cleon Skousen's The Real Story of Christmas reconnects the reader with what Christmas is supposed to be about: peace, goodwill, and the story of Jesus Christ. Skousen breathes new life into the Nativity story, with ample political and historical context. This book lets you meet the people who knew Jesus during his time on earth. Mary and Joseph, Zacharias and Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, and the three wise men, are brought to life with details of how they learned of the Savior's coming, and their search for the Child Christ.

Dr.Skousen describes in vivid detail the profound experiences these people had when their faith led them to recognize Christ for who He really was, and how we can find the real spirit of Christmas by seeking Christ, and practicing peace and goodwill.

Elizabeth W. Roach, reviewing for the Association of Mormon Letters, showered the book with praise, noting that "Dr. Skousen's 'The Real Story of Christmas' reads like it springs from a father wanting his family to know about what matters most."

The book also includes Luke 2, the original biblical account of Jesus's birth and parts of His childhood.

The Real Story of Christmas is a quick read, separated into sections: the perfect book for a few cozy nights of bringing your family closer to Christ--and to each other--during Christmastime.

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November 17
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Mr. Mitt ,


This is the story of Christmas and how it should be told. A few references from the LDS church.

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