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My entire life has spiraled into chaos - and yet, all I can think about is my raging, thumping, insatiable addiction to Jonas Faraday’s magical touch. He’s unleashed an all-consuming hunger inside me that can only be satisfied when Jonas surrenders to me the same way I’ve surrendered to him - mind, body, and soul. But something’s wrong. Jonas is keeping something from me. I can feel it. I want to pull back. To protect myself. But I can’t resist my addiction. Even if Jonas turns out to be my undoing, I’m going to fight to the death for him. For us.

The second installment of Jonas and Sarah’s epic and addictive love story picks up right where The Club: Obsession left off, hurtling to a heart-stopping conclusion that will leave listeners breathless and screaming for the final installment.

For Jonas and Sarah, what starts out as an innocent exploration of attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.

Contains graphic adult content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult listeners age 18 and up.

Note: The Club is a trilogy. The Club: Obsession must be heard prior to The Club: Reclamation.

Lauren Rowe, John Lane
hr min
January 26
SoCoRo Publishing

Customer Reviews

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Character development

I have officially added John Lane as one of my new favorite narrators. OMG, his voice! Pure testosterone! It is so delicious, deep and rough. I love it!

In the second book, it was more of relationship building between Jonas and Sarah. A lot of steamy sex and working through each of their issues but mainly Jonas’s, but no real direction of the story until the very end. Books that are solely character building with hardly any plot movement get on my nerves. Especially, when they are in a trilogy like this. I feel it is just added fluff to bilk more money from the readers. I loved Captain and was looking forward to reading this whole series, but after realizing the format, I don’t think I will finish. I have already started book 3, and I just feel like the entire series could have been compressed into one book, maybe two. Sigh.

Overall The Reclamation: The Club Trilogy, Book 2 is full of steam and character development but not a lot else but it was still very enjoyable. However, I can’t do another 3 books of this after I finish this first 3.

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