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The Ricky Gervais Guide To... PHILOSOPHY.
The fourth installment in this new series of exhaustive existential explorations.

Join Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant, and Karl Pilkington as they ponder the great philosophical axioms and concepts... Truth, Beauty, and Baldness.

In this episode... Steve on Feng Shui; The think tank; Karl's perfect life; Karl's problem with neuroanatomy; Cogito Ergo Summat; Work ethics; Post-pesticidal remorse; Karl's holiday anhedonia; Curry night at Auntie Nora's; The Zen of Munchies; Karl's confectionery-based analogies; Transplant bollocks; Karl gets economical with his facts; Tribal numeracy; Small talk at the bar.

Ricky Gervais
hr min
March 17
Glyn Hughes

Customer Reviews

escapee from the twilight zone of bewilderment ,

Steve Merchant - the new Andrew Marr

Think Steve might be headed for Radio 4's start the week if not IOT (In Our Time) at a push, move over Andrew Marr, and at a push Mel Bragg

liskman ,

Hmmm .... TWO thumbs down

OK. I totally get British humor, having lived there from birth to age 25, and I enjoy The Office. But this, well, this is pure, unadulterated drivel. Funny is not a word that I would ever associate with this, this, this ... well, I am not even sure what heading it belongs under. But comedy it is not. The only reason I listened through to the end is that I kept on hoping for better, given the amazing reviews here. A total waste of money AND time.

Labrot ,

how to know which of the guides to buy

I read the reviews before purchasing this and for the most part, didn't find them helpful. Instead, I ended up basing my decision to buy the guide to philosophy on the podcast preview. I guess the problem is that most of the reviews tend to tell you what you already know-it's funny. But if you're like me and looking to save money, then you want to know which guides are the funniest.

This one isn't worth the purchase. The best part is in the free podcast preview and the rest, in the words of Gervais, is 'dribble'. You're welcome.

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