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Why can’t our political leaders work together as threats loom and problems mount? Why do people so readily assume the worst about the motives of their fellow citizens?

In The Righteous Mind, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explores the origins of our divisions and points the way forward to mutual understanding. His starting point is moral intuition - the nearly instantaneous perceptions we all have about other people and the things they do. These intuitions feel like self-evident truths, making us righteously certain that those who see things differently are wrong.

Haidt shows us how these intuitions differ across cultures, including the cultures of the political left and right. He blends his own research findings with those of anthropologists, historians, and other psychologists to draw a map of the moral domain, and he explains why conservatives can navigate that map more skillfully than can liberals. He then examines the origins of morality, overturning the view that evolution made us fundamentally selfish creatures.

But rather than arguing that we are innately altruistic, he makes a more subtle claim - that we are fundamentally groupish. It is our groupishness, he explains, that leads to our greatest joys, our religious divisions, and our political affiliations. In a stunning final chapter on ideology and civility, Haidt shows what each side is right about, and why we need the insights of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians to flourish as a nation.

Jonathan Haidt
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July 17
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Customer Reviews

Papx3 ,

Please read this book.

I am not a psychologist and don't have a formal background in phychology. I am blue collar worker with a great interest in my world and how it works. I also have been a Christian all my adult life and I am 60 years old. Although I don't share Jonathan's atheist veiws I wholeheartedly share his interpretation of how we evolved. I just don't believe it was undirected.

With that said, I am so excited to see where these concepts take our society. I told my son this evening to buy the audio book so we can discuss it along with the rest of my family. I told him these discoveries are to social interaction, to what the discovery of the transister and solid state circuitry was to technology. Maybe if enough people understand our righteous minds, our society could catch up to our technological sophistication.

These are amazing times and the convergance of facebook, FMRI, the internet etc., could propel us at lightspeed to new levels of peace and understanding.

I am glad I listened to The Happiness Hypothesis four times prior to listening to this book. It really prepared me to get the most out of it.

This book is extremely well presented in audio form.

White Album Fan ,

The best book I have read in 20 years!

This book should be required reading for every high school senior before they can register to vote. It should also be read by every serious adult that finds our current political toxic.

This book has given me hope that we can do better!

Saltydon ,

The Righteous Mind

I read it because I really wanted to understand why some good people I know are way off on a different spectrum from me. (far left and far right). It is excellent and I am now in my third read trying to lock in some of the deeper elements of his research. There is another book out there by the title "Fast and Slow" that ties in with a lot of the concepts of Johathan. RM really changed my attitude when confronted with some people who tend to shoot from the hip on politics.

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