The Romeo & Juliet Delusion: Finding Freedom After Trauma: A Memoir

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Publisher Description

In this compelling memoir Lori Abbott chronicles her dangerous relationship with her ex-fiancé who was a meth and heroin addict. In addition to the overwhelming aspects of loving a drug addict, there was domestic abuse, including a series of traumatic events during the relationship that escalated to an attempt being taken on her life 2015. Lori Abbott is an attorney who spent fifteen years of her career representing victims of domestic abuse who one day became a victim herself.

The Romeo & Juliet Delusion provides a rare and unique insight into the reality of deeply loving a drug addict, remaining in a dangerous relationship for too long, and watching one's own life deteriorate while desperately trying to save someone else. It was by divine intervention that Abbott did not die in that hotel room. She feels it is now her responsibility to share not only what she experienced in those moments when she believed that she was dying (as the man she deeply loved eerily stood by and watched), but also how she took actual aspects of her near death experience to significantly heal herself and unexpectedly find her own sobriety from alcohol along the way.

The Romeo & Juliet Delusion provides inspiration to anyone who’s life has been touched by addiction or domestic. Abbott has learned how to live an extraordinary life alongside the haunting memories, PTSD and a lingering soul connection to her ex-fiancé. It is Abbott's hope that The Romeo & Juliet Delusion will shake the glass house of those who live in their ivory towers looking down on a woman like her wondering how she could possibly find herself in the situation that she did. The fall down from an ivory tower is going to cause a lot more damage than the fall down for those who live with their feet firmly planted on the ground, owning their stories and using them to inspire, educate and heal others.

Lori Abbott
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July 10
Lori Abbott