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For what seems like the first time in Teancum Leon’s life, things are looking good: He’s put an end to the toxic relationship with his former sex buddy, work is going well, and Jem Berger has officially decided they are best friends - in spite of Tean’s objections. Things are looking good for Jem too, although he’s not thrilled that somehow Tean has talked him into getting a real job. Everything changes, though, when Tean’s friend Hannah asks for help: She’s being followed, she tells them, and she thinks she’s might be in danger. 

After Jem and Tean spend a weekend tailing Hannah, trying to catch her stalker, they make two unpleasant discoveries. First, Hannah is right that she is being followed. Second, she isn’t being stalked. She’s being watched by the police, who are interested in Hannah’s connection to a missing person investigation. And the detective in charge is none other than Ammon Young, Tean’s former friend and ex-sex buddy. 

Tean and Jem’s search for the missing woman leads them to a body. The cause of death is a mystery, but one thing is clear: Someone wanted the remains destroyed. Tean believes it was homicide, and so do the police. 

When Hannah is arrested for the murder, Tean and Jem must race to prove her innocence. But everyone seems to be lying, including Hannah, and she’s willing to take her secrets with her to prison - or to the grave. The answer may lie with the animal teeth marks on the victim’s remains. Good thing Jem knows a wildlife vet.

Mysteries & Thrillers
J.F. Harding
hr min
September 30
Hodgkin and Blount

Customer Reviews

Wendy Wickett ,

ou can’t just ‘read’ a Gregory Ashe book; you become immersed in it.

Teancum Leon, a Veterinarian for Utah’s Department of Wildlife Resources has an alarmist view toward life in general and glasses that barely stay on his nose. Jem Berger is a homeless, illiterate man who, with Tean’s help, makes an effort to adjust to mainstream life and learn to read. Life doesn’t always go as planned, when Tean’s co-worker Hannah hires the duo to find out who is following her, and why one of her former associates is missing.

The hilarious banter that bounces back and forth between the characters keeps you laughing, yet GA does not spare the reader from heart-clenching emotional trauma. The author has a remarkable way of expression emotions we all find difficult to put into words, which helps us connect with the main characters a reader doesn't often experience. GA has mastered the art of "Show, Don't Tell!" Throw Ammon, Tean’s former boyfriend into the mix and you’ve got an exciting murder mystery that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end!

YYou feel joy at their triumphs, and real anger at them for their mistakes (which only serves to all to the depth of the characters), and you can’t help but pray for a Happily Ever After, all the while knowing it is never that simple.

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