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The Science of Getting Rich was written by Wallace D. Wattles and published in 1910 by the Elizabeth Towne Company. The book is still in print after 100 years. It was a major inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's bestselling book and film 'The Secret'.

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January 1
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ICHIGOytht ,


I was interested in the claim of this being scientific and while some of it was credible and interesting, I cringed and face-palmed when the book started discussing how to properly ask a magical man in the sky for one's success; as if an all powerful deity (specifically that of the bible none the less) is scientific in anyway. You cannot prove something to a logical and rational person by reciting the said words of Jesus or anyone who bears the same lack of credibility. It's about as practical as asking an ordinary child to teach advanced calculus. There are plenty of books today which offer relevant information so why would any rational person turn to a 2,000 year old book filled with blunt ignorance to improve their knowledge and life skills. Not that I expected anything great from a $3 book, but I cannot stand behind anyone or anything which condones and pushes ignorance. The only reason I give this book 2 stars is because it does teach a philosophy which may work for people but is not absolute as if it is the only way. It's only one state of mind that may help a person to be successful. You may even find this book to be food for your mind, but I'd encourage you to take it moderately with a grain of salt. You may find it to be slightly enlightening but I employ you to always seek out more credible information and continue your learning. Never think that any one book will give you all you need to know.

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