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Read by actress, singer, blogger and author Carrie Hope Fletcher, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s delightful novel The Secret Garden is given new life. Delve in to the tranquil world of Burnett’s story as you follow the journey of her young protagonist, Mary Lennox, on her journey through her childhood. First published in 1911, the novel is a much-cited ‘classic’ of English children’s literature. It is, however, as much for adults as for anyone else. An uplifting and light-hearted listen, this is the ideal summer escape. 

Mary Lennox starts her life as an unhappy victim of circumstance. After the loss of her parents, she moves to rural Yorkshire to live with a distant uncle where she resents the wildness of the countryside. At first, she struggles to find a place in this new existence. Although unsure about her surroundings and its occupants, through the gentle guidance of the maid she gradually becomes interested in the story of Mrs Craven who apparently used to spend her time in a garden at the house, the key to which has vanished. Mary makes it her quest to find and explore the possibilities it holds. Her journey sees her change, befriending a host of loveable characters as the garden begins to cast its spell on her. 

About the author

Born in 1849, Burnett moved to America in 1865 where she would live, on and off, for the rest of her life. She was well travelled, living in Paris for a few years before buying a house in England (where she wrote The Secret Garden) and finally moving to New York. She is best known for her children’s novels such as Little Lord Fauntleroy and A Little Princess but was also a prodigious writer of adult fiction. It is this, which perhaps explains how she was able to merge and cater for both audiences with such success in The Secret Garden

About the narrator

Carrie Hope Fletcher is an award-winning actress, best-selling author, musical theatre star and social media influencer. Carrie has starred in Les Misérables, and Heathers on London’s West End and is author to four best-selling books: All I Know Now, On the Other Side, All That She Can See and When The Curtain Falls, her next title is called In The Time We Lost. Carrie has also released a debut solo album, When The Curtains Fall. The album features Carrie’s most-loved musical theatre songs, covered in a unique and modern way. Alongside her acting, writing and music career, Carrie has an established online presence with over 528,000 followers on Twitter, 492,000 on Instagram and over 652,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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