The Secret Science of the Bible. Discover the Truth of the Secrets of the Universe!: Unveil the Nephilim's Destiny in the Underworld Told in the Secret Scrolls & How It Pertains to You (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $5.99

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What if you have been living in a complete deception your entire life? What if everything that you know as the truth is not the truth? What if there are two realities, and you are living the false one? What if the greatest scientists of earth are wrong? What if your are wrong in every decision that you have made in your life? 

If you study, comprehend, and assimilate the science of this book, and follow its instructions: 

Your spiritual eyes shall be opened, the veil that covers them shall be ripped away, and you shall be able to see the real truth. 
You shall receive incredible wisdom from God, and see the world with your own eyes with a total different perspective. 
You shall be empowered by the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (super powers). 
You shall hold the keys of health and sickness.
You shall hold the keys of life and death. 
You shall discover the most precious treasure in the entire universe: your own soul. 
You shall inherit eternal life. 

In his new study, The Secret Science of The Bible, author Henry Enrix explores the truth of ancient history and the foundations of true Christianity. Enrix uncovers the insight within biblical texts, such as the Book of Enoch, the Book of the Jubilees, and the Book of Jasher, providing a rare teaching on eschatology, eternal life, angels (stars), demons, fallen stars, and other spiritual beings, as well as the invisible world.

You will be blown away when you are presented with the gifts of the Holy Spirit: 

Ability to see, hear, smell, touch, and discern evil spirits in the spiritual realm, known as “The Discernment of Spirits”. 
Ability to know incredible facts about other people in your life disclosed to you by the Holy Spirit, known as “The Word of Knowledge”.
Ability to discern the truth from the lie, and chose the path of God, known as “The World of Wisdom”. 
Ability to talk and interact in other languages that you had never studied, or spoken before, known as “Speaking in Tongues”.
Ability to translate into your own language the tongue being spoken by another person, or group of people, known as “The Interpretation of Tongues”.
Ability to cast out demons from any person, known as “Casting out Demons, Scorpions, and Serpents”.
Ability to perform healings on other people, and rebuke the spirit of disease, illness, and infirmities, known as “The Gift of Healing”.
Ability to perform incredible miracles in the name of God, not science, known as “The Performing of Miracles”.
Ability to rebuke the spirit of death in the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, known as “Raising the Dead”. 

Including evidence from the Old Testament and the New Testament, combined with historical and scientific facts, with this book, Enrix enlightens listeners with a fresh perspective about the concrete reality of God's word. The Secret Science of the Bible will open your eyes to creation, the science of good and evil of this world, and God's plan for salvation. 

If you believe these instructions, you will be able to find solid gold in your own backyard, and become a multi-millionaire. If you have an open mind, and reject the teachings of science taught by our public educational system all over the world, accept the real science of God known as the truth.

If you believe the truth of God, you will attain the powers of God given by the Holy Spirit, over the physical realm that true Christians have, such as receiving the keys of life, and death. You shall become a powerful man indeed.

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Ethan Samuel
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January 29
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