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This audible contains three complete books. His Secret #1 Her Secret #2 Secret Enemy #3 bundled together to complete The Secret Series. 

Julia:   I don’t know what to expect alone at this isolated manor. I’m a nanny for a ten-year-old little girl. Her father is gone. I’m not sure he even exists. Things don’t seem right. There are strange calls, and I hang up. Then, one dark, stormy night, he enters my life. I watch his strange behavior. I witness the strange relationship between him and his daughter. I watch him, watch me. 

One minute he’s harsh and the next, he’s vulnerable. He tells me he needs me. He tells me his wife is dead. I want to believe him because I have fallen in love with him. He doesn’t know I crave him. He doesn’t know I want to touch him. He doesn’t know I’m a virgin. And…he doesn’t know; I have found his secret hidden in the floor of my closet.

Jonas:   She doesn’t know the murder I covered up. She doesn’t know the woman I destroyed. She doesn’t know the evil schemed I conjured to lure her to my manor. She doesn’t know I altered her fate. She doesn’t know my true intentions. She doesn’t know I watched her long before we met one dark, stormy night. She doesn’t know the man I used to be. But I do.

 She doesn’t know the truth.

Follow the epic journey of Julia Ellis and Jonas Fairbanks in this breathtaking, you’ll never see it coming, three-book trilogy of The Secret Series. Warning: This book contains graphic sexual scenes and is recommended for mature listeners only. 

Tracy Marks
hr min
April 26
Dragonfly Books

Customer Reviews

A. Panda ,

Beware... terrible writing

Not everyone is a writer and definitely Gina Jones is not one. I feel like I owe it to the readers to do an honest review of this audiobook. The writing is so juvenile and unbelievable. They are big inconsistencies in the book, and the plot is so slow with unnecessary information and plainly not good. I could not even finish listening to the firs book. Too cringey and just very bad writing. I bought this audiobook due to the good deal of the complete trilogy for $2.99 but honestly I wouldn’t keep it even if it was for free.

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