The Secret to Money Masterclass (Unabridged‪)‬

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Apply the knowledge of The Secret to your wealth and experience financial abundance with this guide to attracting more money effortlessly from bestselling author Rhonda Byrne.

Financial abundance is your birthright! It’s not something you have to work to deserve, earn, or qualify for. You are meant to have a rich life, in every respect, and yet many people are unaware of the power they have within them that directly and effortlessly accesses abundance in all things, including money.

In this new book, Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, explains how the law of attraction applies specifically to wealth and your relationship with money. By applying the knowledge in The Secret, you can stop money from slipping through your fingers, and eliminate forever the perpetual state of “not having enough money.” You will discover the power you have to bring money to you and to live a life of abundance, where you can be, do, or have anything you want.

Subjects covered by Rhonda include personal finance, eradicating a poverty mindset and adopting a wealth mindset, job hunting, career advancement, creating a successful business, and giving and sharing wealth.

Rhonda also presents many inspirational real-life stories of people who have used The Secret to attract wealth, build a company, pay off debts, acquire a home, and secure a high paying job.

They say money doesn’t grow on trees—but with the knowledge of The Secret to Money Masterclass, you will feel that it actually does, as money starts to come into your life from unexpected places. Financial freedom can be yours, and as you will discover, it is just one thought away!

Religion & Spirituality
Rhonda Byrne
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August 11
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Customer Reviews

acejack_21 ,

Rhonda is amazing!

“The Secret” came into my life when I was at my lowest point in life. I was able to manifest great things and am still manifesting amazing things! This title is amazing with very powerful tools that we can all apply in our everyday lives! Thank you Rhonda Byrne! You’ve changed so many lives including mine! I am so thankful for this lady and her amazing titles!!

Vladimir Kochkovski ,

Masterpiece Masterclass for your Wealth

If you’ve already read The Power, this is a good expansion on the Money chapter, coming as a reminder at the perfect time.

If you haven’t read The Power, then this is a must-hear standalone Masterclass about your money and wealth. Do yourself a great favor and listen to it.

Thank you so much to Rhonda Byrne and the team for creating and sharing this!

Dhcprouter ,

Don’t buy these

This is a series for a pyramid scheme. Look up 1900’s pyramid schemes and it’s documentation. You might get these for business homework.
I saw a series about pyramid schemes and the different types.
They would tell you that these are the best books for you to make money. I listened to the first one and had purchased 4 different ones without understanding that this is a scam. Think you have money it will come to you. Ok I’m a psychic and a real conjurer. well this isn’t how the universe works. It’s bull$hit.

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