The Secrets of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga, Book 3 (Unabridged) The Secrets of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga, Book 3 (Unabridged)

The Secrets of Supervillainy: The Supervillainy Saga, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Merciless, the Supervillain without Mercy (TM), is back with even bigger problems! How far will he go to fix his wife's current state of being a soulless vampire? Can he ignore his growing feelings for Cindy, despite their difference over the new Star Wars movie? Can he survive the wrath of the president of the United States (whom he accidentally stole billions from)?

While he ponders those personal issues, Death has a new mission for him. The greatest hero on Earth has killed, and she isn't pleased. Death wants the murder solved and the perpetrator given the kind of justice only the Avatar of Death can dish out. Unfortunately for Gary, that's only the tip of the psychotic iceberg.

Jeffrey Kafer
hr min
July 19
James Steven Bernheimer

Customer Reviews

MellHay ,

Fun in mayhem with superheroes *scratch* supervillains.

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.

It's been a year since the fall of Falconcrest City, and the returning of a portion of Gary's wife who's now a vampire. Gary has searched and will do anything, almost anything, to have Mandy's soul returned to her body. Someone is calling for Gary's death, along with his hench-people, Cindy aka Little Red Riding Hood and Diabloman. Gary and Diabloman believe it's the government behind the push for their death due to the money offered along with being pardoned. Gary struggles with his growing feelings for Cindy, yet wants his wife back. With all Gary's personal struggles, Death has a new assignment for him. An important hero has died, out of his timeline. Death wants Gary to find the killer and eliminate him, in return for a favor of anything in her power.

Jeffrey returns to bring us Gary's dry humor. How can he do some of these jokes without sounding as though he's laughing? Talent. Jeffrey brings us into the conversations as he voices it all with the feel of the characters and the quick retorts with a feel as though he doesn't even think. Wow. Well done! Jeffrey is clear and easy to listen to as he goes through the story. One of the best complements I can give to a narrator is they voice the story and yet are unheard. That sounds backward but this is why, they don't draw attention from the story itself or over voice to distract. Jeffrey does this. What he's added to the story is the blend of voice and personality that adds to the story and he's not heard. Well done.

We start right in with Merciless in the midst of trouble, erm, battle. Yes battle. And it doesn't stop there. Gary seems to always be found by trouble. But with all he's done in the last year, tinkering in magics to save Mandy, Gary is weaker in his magic from Death. This does affect him and brings a consequence to light for all he's done.

I do enjoy the dry humor between Gary (Merciless) and Cloak. This story just makes me smile. It's funny how much chatting goes on in battles. And how things come out. lol. Then, the whole thing changes directions as everyone's motives and wants change with the chatter.

Oh the humor! I love all the one liners that reference so many different geeky items. I listen intently to hear and catch these. Kool Aid man was hinted at. I had to smile as it was the old commercial reference. lol. Elvis! A play of Frozen the movie! Then there's a play made that feels like something from Terminator, with the time travel. lol Twisty thinking yet so fun with Gary's responses. lol. And Star Wars debates along with references. With the time line part of story, I was waiting for the Quantum Leap reference. It came! lol. Goodness, all the old and new science fiction/fantasy references. I love them!

The interaction of the characters and how they play off each other with quick comments, just fun as the crew blends in a fun wonky way. I get a kick out of Death with Gary. She finds him amusing, but she pushes his buttons so easily. And she has the powers to keep him under some control of quick lines. Even Cindy with Gary. They are all wonderful compliments of each other.

As much as Gary has a strange, twisted view on things, there are those moments when he sounds brilliant too. lol. I love the dynamics this man goes through.

There is always an enemy to come. Gary finds he's the center of the attacks of the Dark Light group. I got a kick out of who is behind the Dark Light group after Gary aka Merciless.

I will warn you, there are times that strong language is used. The f word and a few others. But fits perfectly to the characters and the moment.

We have everything from super powers to magic, from cybernetics to alien technology. A great blend of all things science fiction and fantasy with our superheroes, erm, supervillains! Pay attention! Because when things get rocking and we start talking different universes and times, you are going to see all the twists and loops C.T. creates in Gary's plan...plans... Garys.. plural used? lol.

This book ends on a small cliffhanger. It doesn't hit me as bad as you would think though. Gary's main goal in the book is resolved. But, there is another battle to be fought, and we will be waiting for the next book with that battle. ,

Lots of action and new characters from the earlier books

Gary better known as Merciless, Super Villain, has his hands full.  He wants to be a super villain but still finds himself being the super hero … for all his badness, he still does ultimate good just in a roundabout way.   The story talks about his struggles to rescue his wife Mandy from the soulless life of being a vampire – his love for her seems consuming until he falls for another and then voices if it’s possible they can all have a consensual and approved relationship …

The President, Mr. Omega wants to destroy all the supers – heroes and villains; death wants Ultra God’s death avenged and Gary has to deal with both.  The question comes down to whether or not Gary can save the world, stop President Omega, restore his wife’s soul, solve the murder of Ultra God and still be a super villain?

Lots of action and new characters from the earlier books.  And Merciless does not stop with the cliches or sardonic humor EVER.

The writing style of C.T. Phipps is unique – Merciless, aka Gary, argues to himself and with his cloak while most of the conversations are witty cliches or movie references that we his audience know but not the characters in the book who look at him like he’s lost his mind.  The writing is fast as is the action and not as detailed as it could be.  But the premise is awesome.  How many people would think it would be this hard to be a super villain?  Who would have thought that being a hero was not necessarily a choice or easy but rather a struggle of mega proportions?

Jeffrey Kafer is the narrator who skillfully performs this audiobook.  His ability to be Gary is amazing.  He does not get tongue-tied or bust out laughing or moaning when there are some really bad cliches.  He slips into the characters easily and gives voice to them. He sounds just what one would expect Merciless to sound.  He brings the “comic” like tale to life as only some can – he is one of the best skilled at this feat.

This book for anyone who enjoys sardonic humor, action,  old-fashioned super heroes/villains and graphic novels

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