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Turning simple habits into extraordinary success!

Fact: Brain scientists have found that over half of our thoughts throughout each day are identical to the ones we thought the previous day. The real problem is that these are mostly self-defeating thoughts, like "I’m not good enough..." or "I don’t deserve that!". Thoughts that, even though you know they aren’t true, keep coming up over and over again, holding you back from becoming all you can be.

Your subconscious is running on autopilot. And to change it, you’ll have to interrupt it, or you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve gotten in the past. When you replace these limiting thoughts with new, more empowering thoughts, you can have different (better) results. That’s what Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset is all about: learning the simple habits black belts use to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Author Wil Dieck is a speaker, researcher, college professor, and master martial arts instructor. He studies and teaches people from all walks of life how to use simple mental hacks and techniques to develop high performance habits. These simple habits are the most effective way to change the way you think, which changes your outcome, which, in turn, can change your life and, ultimately, your destiny.

In this audiobook, you’ll discover success-building tools, including:

How to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs
What is the technique that black belts use to push aside fears that often keep you from going after your dreams
How to get yourself to take massive action, even when you don’t feel motivated
How black belts build a burning desire and how you can do the same thing to drive you directly toward success
What black belts do to keep them from quitting and how you can use this technique to overcome any obstacles in your way
How to continue to grow in mind, body, and spirit throughout your life

Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset gives you easy-to-follow, practical exercises that can help you turn these tools into automatic habits. Imagine being able to overcome any challenge you face as easily as a black belt slices through a board!  

With a black belt mind-set you’ll have to courage to:

Take on new, difficult projects
Go after the job you want
Find the relationship you’ve been longing for

These are simple habits that will make your life better, and you’ll become more successful and happy - one step at a time.

What do black belts have to do with success in life?

For most people the term “black belt” brings up fantastic images of people doing amazing physical feats with their bodies. Boards snap into pieces, and opponents fly into the air, as the black belt’s hands and feet strike precisely at speeds that are too fast to follow with the naked eye.

These images can make you believe that a black belt is somehow bestowed with supernatural powers, and it’s because of these gifts that they can easily accomplish these superhuman feats. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

The vast majority of black belts obtain this coveted title through the habitual use of simple tools that help them control the way they think. It’s this way of thinking that takes them to success, not just in the martial arts but in every area of their life. This way of thinking can be broken down into simple mental tools that can be developed and utilized by anyone, whether they study the martial arts or not.

If you’re serious about getting unstuck and changing your life for the better, then buy Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset today. 

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September 14
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