The Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset: Turning Simple Habits Into Extraordinary Success (Unabridged‪)‬

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Looking to conquer life’s challenges? Unleash the potential within with these easy-to-learn exercises.

Feeling stuck in the daily grind? Unsure of how to change things for the better? Eager to kick lingering bad practices to the curb once and for all? Peak performance coach and professor of psychology Wil Dieck has extensively researched the habitual use of tools that help control thought. And now he’s here to share the ingenious rituals employed by top martial artists to tap into the power of the mind.

Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset: Turning Simple Habits into Extraordinary Success is a resource for mastery in day-to-day life that will unlock your brain’s fullest capabilities. With both personal anecdotes and examples from famed martial arts stars, this book will divulge how to lead a more confident and courageous existence. By learning how to influence and steer your autopilot subconscious, you’ll be able to channel your energy towards the goals you crave.

In Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset, you’ll discover:

 Techniques used to smother fear so that you can clear any hurdle with confidence and courage 
How to nix unproductive days and take massive action to drive momentum
The best tactics for fueling passion and sparking a burning desire for fulfillment
Ways to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit to help craft a well-rounded psyche
Methods for combatting procrastination and quitting so you build mental endurance, and much, much more!

Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset is a streamlined tool for anyone wanting to explode outcomes and is part of the Mind Mastery series. If you like straightforward strategies, real-world stories, and action-based results, then you’ll love Wil Dieck’s inspirational handbook.

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