The Silencer Series Box Set Books 9-12

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    • $16.99

Publisher Description

This box set includes books 9-12 of The Silencer Series. 

Close Range

After getting back from vacation, Recker is approached by a familiar face. Michelle Lawson has a job for him in regards to an illegal arms dealer that has continuously given the CIA the slip. Recker agrees to do the assignment once all his conditions are met. With Jones and Haley on board, the teams heads off to London to find their target. But what they hope is a short-term assignment turns into a much longer stay, causing Recker to turn to old friends in order to help him accomplish his mission.

Trigger Pull

After getting back from London, the team is swept up in Vincent and Nowak's feud. Recker is ambushed in an alley while trying to prevent a jewelry store heist, Haley has his car blown up trying to track down the suspects, and Tyrell's relationship with Recker is found out, leaving him vulnerable. They learn it's all part of Nowak's plan to get rid of them all, leading them into an eventual final confrontation with her. One that will be deadly.

Lethal Force

Another menacing force, The Tri-State Scorpions, have entered the city. After one of the leaders gets into a shootout with Haley, he is transported to a local hospital. The Scorpions take over the hospital, causing it to go on lockdown. After receiving a troublesome text message that indicates Mia is in some type of danger, Recker must find a way to get into the hospital and save her... before it's too late.

Zeroed In

With the events of the hospital still fresh in their minds, The Scorpions are ready to wage a war. With Recker being their main target, they’ll do anything to lure him into their grasp, including taking his partner hostage. Will The Silencer get there in time to save his friend, or will Haley pay the price for his partner’s sins?

Mysteries & Thrillers
Brian Hutchison
hr min
April 26
Ryan Publishing

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