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Tired of feeling stuck? Use these 15 scientifically proven secrets to build mental toughness and unleash your inner champion.

Discover the 15 daily habits to build mental toughness, unleash the mindset of a champion, and achieve peak performance.

I've always been interested in mental training for peak performance. World-class athletes, elite military soldiers, rockstar salespeople, business moguls - they all have a "secret" to thrive in difficult situations, to rise above chaos and succeed, and to defy the odds and achieve incredible results. 

So I went on a long journey to study what made them tick. How were they able to achieve such amazing success?  What mindset, traits, and mental toughness training habits did they have that made them the high-performers that they were? How were they able to consistently maintain high performance? 

In one word, it's mental toughness. It's self-confidence, belief, visualization, and the ability to control emotions and take action. But it boils down to mental toughness. So I became obsessed with learning about mental toughness training. I read books and articles and watched videos to discover how to build mental toughness. During my research, I identified 15 key habits to help build mental toughness. This is the step-by-step manual I created for regular people who want to build mental toughness, build a champion mindset, and unleash their potential. I share simple, scientific secrets, tips, and habits that regular people can use to achieve mental toughness - in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Here's what you'll discover:

How a little-known breathing “trick” can instantly build mental toughness (use this when you’re scared, nervous, or anxious to think clearly, make decisions quickly, and act decisively)
Why visualization doesn’t work, and the actual way to visualize so that you see almost instant results (I reveal the difference between “passive” visualization and “active” visualization)
How top-performers like Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Tom Brady talk to themselves so that they perform under pressure (it has to do with raising their internal standards so that they act like champions)
How to push past discomfort and fear by having a clear, definite purpose (a clear purpose activates a part of your subconscious mind so that you have unshakable resilience)
How the secret of having “micro-goals” helps you build mental toughness by constant progress (this is how elite military professionals are able to get out of disastrous situations)
How to use the power of cold water to build mental toughness (it’s tough, but will unleash a sense of power and confidence you never thought you had)
And so much more

Imagine the sense of mental toughness, power, and dominance you’ll have after using these simple habits. So buy this book now.

John Alan Martinson Jr.
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September 14
Raza Imam

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