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“A high-tech vampire epic....Terrifying.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“Part The Andromeda Strain, part Night of the Living Dead.”

“Chuck Hogan is known for his taut thrillers, Guillermo del Toro for his surreal horror films…The Strain brings out the best of each.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

An epic battle for survival begins between man and vampire in The Strain—the first book in a heart-stopping trilogy from one of Hollywood’s most inventive storytellers and a critically acclaimed thriller writer. Guillermo del Toro, the genius director of the Academy Award-winning Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, and Hammett Award-winning author Chuck Hogan have joined forces to boldly reinvent the vampire novel. Brilliant, blood-chilling, and unputdownable, The Strain is a nightmare of the first order.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Ron Perlman
hr min
June 2

Customer Reviews

Troubador63 ,

Beyond Good!

Once I saw this book was out, I was suprised that it was in audio format and had to get it. It is read by Ron Perlman who does a fantastic job! But, not only is the audio quality great, but the story itself is so well written, so flowing, and keeps your attention deeply captured throughout! I would rank this vampire story in the top 3 in the world! Del Toro and Hogan have put together a great cast of characters and an ambiance throughout that gives any reader or listener a feeling that they are right there witnessing these catastrophic events as they unfold! I hope that they put this to movie and keep to the book throughout!

Lincoln Rhyme ,

De Toro and Hogan Re-establish the Vampire - Goodbye TWILIGHT and Hello Horror

This is writing at its finest: gone are the cute well toned teenaged men with pointy fangs. Instead we get fat, skinny, old, severely young, punk stars, mothers, just about everyone who is likely to be a vampire. This is like I AM LEGEND meets ANGELS & DEMONS meets DRACULA. The chapters, though not short, have multiple points of view colliding, giving the story a cinematic feel. Many horror fans will notice some "tip of the hat" scenes from DRACULA, but they are much more scary and thrilling. This the first of the trilogy, the remaining two will be released in June of 2010 and 2011. If you want a not-so-typical thriller that can scare the heck out of you at times, then this is the story you've been waiting for. Even if you want a good boogeyman story to tell your kids to keep them behaved, just read them the opening chapter and they'll be the best little angels.

tune-in ,

The Strain

Remember the first time u turned out the lights & told ghost stories--got your first case of real heebie-jeebies?
Or the times you've run up stairs in the dark sure something was chasing you? How, after reading The Exorcist, every scratch on the roof had you renewing your relationship with God, how Salem's Lot had you rethinking your safe little neighborhood? (and you aren't a horror geek-but rather a seeker of good books) Here you go. The Strain is a very smartly written, well performed, scary and epic story for adults that, no doubt, will become a classic. Great story, Talented writing, Great production--Gracias Ron!

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