The Summoner: Chronicles of the Necromancer, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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The comfortable world of Martris Drayke, second son of King Bricen of Margolan, is shattered when his older half-brother, Jared, and Jareds dark mage, Foor Arontala, kill the king and seize the throne. Tris is the only surviving member of the royal family aside from Jared the traitor, and he flees with three friends: Soterius, captain of the guard; Carroway, the courts master bard; and Harrtuck, a member of the royal guard.

Tris harbors a deep secret. In a land where spirits walk openly and influence the affairs of the living, he suspects he may be the mage heir to the power of his grandmother, Bava Kaa, once the greatest sorceress of her age. Such magic would make Tris a Summoner, the rarest of magic gifts, capable of arbitrating between the living and the dead.

BONUS AUDIO: Includes an exclusive introduction written and read by author Gail Z. Martin.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Peter Ganim, Gail Z. Martin
hr min
December 29
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

SM50 ,

Great start to a series

From the moment I picked it up this series has been one of my favorites. The characters are compelling and the story devolops from saving the kingdom to actualy dealing with consequences.

Fractalbad ,

Don't be afraid of the word Necromancer!

Its a great story. Martin does a very good job, you really get a good impression and feeling for the characters in the book. It seems like authors are afraid to touch anything that has to do with necromancy. I for one rather enjoy the change. I will read any book with magic in it and while I’m not quite finished with this one I already know that I’m going to finish the series. Martris Drayke, the main character in the story has a pretty level head on his shoulders, he can figure things out on his own. He will ask for his friends advice, but just as often he makes decisions with little to no advice. He also takes an initiative, he knows he has some rather dangerous crossroads coming up in his life and knows that without the proper training or knowledge he isn’t going to succeed. I find this book to be rather refreshing, I was getting weary of the main hero kind of bumbling along because they are to stupid or naive to know whats going on, and just going with what his friends think are best. It's not to say he doesn’t stumble or always know the right answer but like I said he wants to learn, to get better, and to me that makes a world of difference. This book is a great buy and I highly recommend it!

Zinnerling ,


Please don't mind my name I made this account back when I was 13 and can't be bothered to change it... The book is a very good series, a fun read if you are looking for an easy to digest fantasy series. This narration is dangerously boring I was going to drive home and listen to this but I might fall asleep in my car...

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