The Swick and the Dead: Loch Lonach Scottish Mysteries, Book Two The Swick and the Dead: Loch Lonach Scottish Mysteries, Book Two

The Swick and the Dead: Loch Lonach Scottish Mysteries, Book Two

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    • $9.99

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This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

An ICU nurse finds the body of a murdered colleague in a setting that points to an inside job in this masterfully plotted second novel by newcomer Maggie Foster

Book Two in the Loch Lonach Mystery Series

No one noticed until the end of the shift that one of the nurses was missing; they were all too busy. Although officially among the suspects, amateur sleuth Ginny Forbes agrees to assist the police in their investigation.

Drugs and drug runners are part of the landscape in the healthcare industry in Texas and Ginny is not surprised to find nurses, even some she knows, on the front lines of the conflict. Her probing brings her to the attention of the shadowy figure behind the pipeline of death running from south of the border to her home on the banks of Loch Lonach. This puts Ginny squarely in the line of fire, but she is not the sort to shy away from a challenge.

Enter the gallóglaigh, a Scottish mercenary hired by the Laird of Loch Lonach to act as bodyguard to Ginny. She slips out behind his back and ends up walking into a trap of her own making. Stripped of all but her brain and hands, can Ginny escape the armed guards? Or will she, too, disappear, adding one more to the growing number of nursing vacancies?

The intriguing plot and escalating tension will keep readers turning pages long after lights out. Perfect for fans of Dick Francis and Janet Evanovich.

Read what people are saying about The Swick and the Dead:

"This is the second installment of the Loch Lonach series by this extremely talented and creative writer. The storyline has interconnecting plots that revolve around the current events of today in Texas: illegal refugees, drug cartels, nursing shortages. I was once again charmed with the Scottish customs and language. The ending is one of those where you have to remind yourself to breathe." Amazon Reader, Sally S.

"True to murder mystery tradition, a body is discovered in the first chapter by the amateur detective who will solve the mystery and uncover the murderer. The story is especially intriguing in that the pool of suspects is relatively small. One expects the truth should be easy to ferret out. One would be wrong." MJF Amazon Reader

"Talk about bang for the buck! The story weaves back and forth on itself like a Book of Kells capital letter. Rich with detail, infused with passion, driven by honor, the characters take on the tasks assigned to them by fate and deliver on the promise. The manifest evil at the back of the murder is not vanquished entirely, but the protagonists live to fight another day. Which is just as well because I want another book." Clio B. Amazon Reader

"It's always refreshing to read a twist I didn't see coming. The strong opening chapter hooks the reader, successfully foreshadowing coming events. I appreciated the inclusion of current social issues, which gives the book a sense of greater importance. The entertaining three-dimensional characters and interesting plot make this story shine." Judge, 27th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"A cleverly plotted murder/mystery, perfect for fans of Midsummer Murders." The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"This author knows her red herrings. An enjoyable read." UK reader

"A twisting, turning plot. This is a solid whodunit [with] a satisfying ending. I enjoyed this. Loved the cover too!" UK reader

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