The Truth Beyond the Sky: The Epic of Aravinda (Unabridged) The Truth Beyond the Sky: The Epic of Aravinda (Unabridged)

The Truth Beyond the Sky: The Epic of Aravinda (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

An award-nominated mythic sci-fi adventure

Twelve years after his mother's disappearance, Zahn makes his annual hike up to Zikhara Peak to sleep above the clouds - only to be awoken by a monstrous roar. He watches as an extraordinary object thunders down from the sky and impacts onto the silvery beach below, changing the course of his young life forever.

The object is far more than a mere meteorite, and Zahn is swept up into an adventure to the galactic core. He encounters a stunning pilot, fifth-density creatures of light, and an ancient chthonic evil bent on consuming every star in the galaxy by tearing the fabric of space-time itself. Only the Tulari, a stone that can heal these fissures, offers any hope to Zahn and his new friends. Unfortunately, it's been missing for aeons.

The Truth Beyond the Sky is the first book in the Epic of Aravinda - a transcendental, sci-fi action-adventure series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Jeff Hays
hr min
August 4
Aravinda Publishing

Customer Reviews ,

This is a great story.

This is a great story. There’s not too much in the way of hard-core techie sci-fi, and definitely an amazing adventure for all. Myth, fantasy, a little transcendental regrouping and one amazing ship along with a host of interesting forms of life; some are “down-to-earth” though not from earth at all and some are, well, quite evil, and then there are those intriguing minor creatures that fill a scene or are only hinted about and all create the basis for “The Truth Beyond the Sky: The Epic of Aravinda.”

So who wouldn’t want a spaceship that is alive, or the chance to explore space? What would you do if an alien asked you for help? Ahhhh, you think you know but at the moment of truth would you open up your heart and hands to save another in need? From planets far, far away these opportunities, or dilemmas as you might see them, and many more are presented to one young man who sets out to save his planet, his family, and maybe even himself.

It’s not really a coming of age story, but more finding out the truth about oneself and what one is capable of achieving. The protagonist has suffered a horrible loss and is haunted by strange and often terrible nightmares, also he has only known space through a telescope and then he’s confronted with the reality of the galaxy and all that lives there. The descriptive scenes captivate the imagination and one truly feels a part of the story.

The Truth Beyond the Sky has a rather fast but even pace that is easily followed and the narrator gives an incredible performance. There’s nothing choppy, just smooth sailing throughout the ocean of space….ok the characters might have to fight their way through some amazing battle scenes but the narrator just keeps a great flow and his voices are perfect. To get a feel for the story and see narrator Jeff Hays in action, here’s a link to a YouTube trailer for the book

I truly enjoyed it and think others will too.

My thanks to the author, Andrew Crusoe, for providing this audiobook for me to review. It was a pleasure to listen to and I look forward to the next installment in the series.

Audiobook provided for review by the author.

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