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New York Times Best Seller 

The Path to Your Ultimate Retirement Starts Right Here! 

Retirement today is more complex than ever before. It is most definitely not your parents' retirement. You will have to make decisions that weren't even part of the picture a generation ago. Without a clear-cut path to manage the money you've saved, you may feel like you're all on your own.  

Except you're not-because Suze Orman has your back.  

Suze is America's most recognized personal finance expert for a reason. She's been dispensing actionable advice for years to people seeking financial security. Now, in The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+, she gives you the no-nonsense advice and practical tools you need to plan wisely for your retirement in today's ever-changing landscape. You'll find new rules for downsizing, spending wisely, delaying Social Security benefits, and more-starting where you are right now.  

Suze knows money decisions are never just about money. She understands your hopes, your fears, your wishes, and your desires for your own life as well as for your loved ones. She will guide you on how to let go of regret and fear, and with her unparalleled knowledge and unique empathy, she will reveal practical and personal steps so you can always live your ultimate retirement life.  

"I wrote this book for you," Suze says. "The worried, the fearful, the anxious. I know you need help navigating the road ahead. I've helped steer people toward happy and secure retirements my whole life, and that's exactly what I want to do for you."  

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Business & Personal Finance
Suze Orman
hr min
February 25
Hay House, Inc.

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Very informative and a joy to listen to

Very informative and enjoyable to listen to Suze read it - it’s very conversational. I couldn’t find the PDF she references so I also downloaded the book version. There pdf might be in her website I’m not sure since they audiobook says it with Audible download but this is Apples audiobooks not Audible.

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