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The Vagina Business

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Publisher Description

This tech could change everything for women?here's how.

Women make over 80% of healthcare decisions in the U.S., yet only 4% of all medical research and development is focused on women's health issues. From periods and childbirth to menopause, female pain has been normalized, as society shrugs and says Welcome to being a woman, instead of coming up with better solutions. But it doesn't have to be this way. In The Vagina Business, award-winning journalist Marina Gerner, Ph.D. takes an eye-opening look at the innovators challenging the status quo to deliver the healthcare solutions women need.

With interviews from 100 entrepreneurs across 15 countries, The Vagina Business explores the future of women's health, where female-focused companies are developing products to help women at every stage of life. Some of these products include:
A bra with EKG technology that can predict heart attacks early An in-home fertility system that uses your saliva to predict ovulation Apps to help women get access to medical abortions and perform them at home safely A vaginal and pelvic floor dilator that could drastically reduce the rate of vaginal tearing in birth Healthcare apps tailored to LGBTQIA people and their needs, without stigma Devices to restore the pelvic floor and vagina during menopause
Gerner also takes the reader inside the boardroom—where only 2.1% of venture capital dollars go toward companies founded by women—and issues a rallying cry: Women should not be denied solutions to health issues because of embarrassment and ignorance. Every woman deserves better.

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Marina Gerner
September 17
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