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The New York Times bestselling series!

The first book in L.J. Smith’s New York Times bestselling Vampire Diaries series, the basis of the hit CW TV show starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder.

Elena Gilbert is a high school golden girl, used to getting what she wants. And who she wants. But when the boy she’s set her sights on—the handsome and haunted Stefan—isn’t interested, she’s confused. She could never know the real reason Stefan is struggling to resist her:

Stefan is a vampire, and Elena’s in danger just by being around him. What’s more, Stefan’s dark, dangerous vampire brother Damon has just arrived in town. And wherever Damon goes, trouble always follows.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries TV show will find this book packed with the same kind of heart-stopping suspense, fierce romances, and jaw-dropping surprises that they know and love, all brought to life by New York Times bestselling author L.J. Smith.

Kids & Young Adults
Rebecca Mozo
hr min
October 27

Customer Reviews

Ean19 ,

Great Series - Forget about the TV Show

First, The Vampire Diaries was written in 1991. It was re-released in 2007/2008 so those people who think LJ Smith took her ideas from Twilight are very much mistaken. For fans of Vampire novels, this is a great series. The little twists in the plots keep the reader reading until the last book is finished. Definitely worth checking out.

-witch girl?- ,

Yes im the first!

Okay, people you really need to read the books. The audio books don't do justice.
The narrator here isn't as bad as other ones but like I said it doesn't do justice.
I would totally give this book 5 stars(actually I would give it a million). This book was written in the
1990's i think. But still this book is awsome and way better than twilight.

thanks for reading!

Kaity353 ,


Well, I just started reading the books. I am already OBSESSED with the series, but like everyone knows, books are usually better than the shows/movies. Right now I think i like the show better. The description of Elena in the book, well i dont like it very much. In the show, Elena is a brunette who seems to be popular with the boys but seems to not really pay attention to that. She doesnt act like a stuck up girl. In the book it makes it seem like school wouldn't go on if Elena Gilbert didn't show up! And yes, it does seem very similar to Twilight, but I think i like the Vampire Diaries *show* better but bookwise, so far I like Twilight, but I haven't really gotten into the books yet but still- there is my review =)

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