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Set in Hollywood, Paris, Bordeaux, and Marseille, Peter Mayle’s newest and most delightful novel is filled with culinary delights, sumptuous wines, and colorful characters. It’s also a lot of fun.

The story begins high above Los Angeles, at the extravagant home and equally impressive wine cellar of entertainment lawyer Danny Roth. Unfortunately, after inviting the Los Angeles Times to write an extensive profile extolling the liquid treasures of his collection, Roth finds himself the victim of a world-class wine heist.

Enter Sam Levitt, former corporate lawyer, cultivated crime expert, and wine connoisseur. Called in by Roth’s insurance company, which is now saddled with a multimillion-dollar claim, Sam follows his leads—to Bordeaux and its magnificent vineyards, and to Provence to meet an eccentric billionaire collector who might possibly have an interest in the stolen wines. Along the way, bien sûr, he is joined by a beautiful and erudite French colleague, and together they navigate many a château, pausing frequently to enjoy the countryside’s abundant pleasures.

The unraveling of the ingenious crime is threaded through with Mayle’s seductive rendering of France’s sensory delights—from a fine Lynch-Bages and Léoville Barton to the bouillabaisse of Marseille and the young lamb of Bordeaux. Even the most sophisticated of oenophiles will learn a thing or two from this vintage work by a beloved author.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Erik Davies
hr min
October 20
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

suzyq72564 ,

A Francophile's Dream

Good wine, appetizing food, travel and mystery. This is classic Peter Mayle....very entertaining. My only complaint is the actor who reads it. He has less-than-convincing French accents. And it's really annoying when he reads the female voices.
But saying that, go ahead and download it. Great fun!
Be warned. You will get hungry. After listening to it, I want to go to France. But I'll settle for a glass of great wine.

ToledoGlen ,

Not up to Mayle standards

I was disappointed in this book and am terribly disappointed that I was disappointed. I read all of the Mayle's Provence books and loved them. Mayle is such an entertaining, insightful, and clever observer of his fellow man and woman that he makes you fall in love with all his books' characters, even those who aren't very lovable. Perhaps my enjoyment of his non-fiction Provence books created an unrealistic expectation for Mayle's first (I assume) foray into fiction. I expected lovable, interesting characters and a similarly entertaining mixture of humor and serious observational narrative. Disappointingly, none is present in Vintage Caper. I am particularly confused and puzzled by the very favorable critical reviews of Vintage Caper. Yes, there is some mildly interesting information about wine and a little about wine-making but virtually nothing about the interesting personalities who so often populate the wine industry in France and elsewhere. So if the principle virtue of Vintage Caper was its rapt attention to wine itself, its virtue leaves much to be desired. The detective part of the story is even more disappointing. Many parts of the story simply weren't at all believable. I could live with that if the story line was interesting or clever enough to make it worth the trade-off, but it wasn't.
The bottom line for me is that Vintage Caper isn't a really bad book, it just isn't very good and it certainly isn't worthy of Mayle. In my opinion, he should stick to non-fiction. There he is a real gem.

General A ,

Kept me interested

Love the character developments. If you are a wine and food lover and even more a Francophile this is the book for you. Easy to follow. Great ending!

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