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I can fix it. I don't need directions. I can figure this out on my own. These thoughts that erupt from a man's bravado, from his deep urge to be a real man. Yet underneath this, there is a louder voice countering, You can't. You're not capable. You're weak. Many men-possibly all men-face two looming questions at some point in their life. What does it mean to be a man, and am I one?Way of the Wild Heart reaches out to "unfinished men" trying to understand and live their role as men and fathers. Exploring six biblically based stages, John Eldredge initiates men into a new understanding and ownership of their manhood and equips them to effectively lead their sons to manhood.

Religion & Spirituality
Kelly Ryan
hr min
June 30
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

DJWilkins ,

Waking the Wild Heart

An incredible incredible book. A saving grace to manhood (and the masculine journey / masculine inititation) for the 21st century.

All that said, having listened to the sample (and having several other Eldredge books narrated by Eldredge on CD), the Narrator here is definately NOT John Eldredge as listed in the details above (which means it can't possibly, in my humble opinion as for audio books, ring quite true to the author's actual tone and spirit in its reading.)

If you can manage it, stick with the book... but do whatever you have to do to consum this outstanding work.

Regialc ,

Excellent book!

I have ready many of John's books, in fact it was after reading waking the dead I came to know Christ. So when I first picked this up when it came out, I found it was good, but with many of the same ol' same ol' themes. I didn't finish it years ago, so while going through my library looking for answers, I picked it up again and started at the beginning. Wow. It was exactly what I have been needing to hear. After a tough and turbulent year, I found myself becoming bitter and angry toward everyone including God. Especially God. I finished it in the course of 3-4 days. I feel refreshed. Renewed. Restored, with clear eyes. My prayers have intimate meaning again and are no longer the give me mantras they were becoming. Thanks once again John. I hope it can give you the same.

AmericanProa ,

BOOK: get yours today!

Because reading requires different faculties than listenting, if you take time to read the book you'll get sooo much more out of it. You'll read the subjects in the context of your own life, not the narrators, you'll be better able to visualize the imagery, and best of all having the pages within your grasp, you can go to any chapter you please, quote it, take notes, and easily share it with someone else. BOOK: available at a store near you! No batteries, electricity, charging, screens, or buttons; BOOK. Get yours today!