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One wedding. No funeral. One unqualified catastrophe.

"Dominic" was the little white lie 30-and-still-unwed Sophy Metcalfe told to soothe her nagging mother. But now her perfect sister Belinda is tying the knot and Sophy's going to have to produce the charming, successful ideal boyfriend she invented, since the genuine article vanished after a single, resoundingly unsuccessful evening.

Desperate, she hires a male escort sight unseen to get her through the Nuptials from Hell. But the trouble with white lies is they tend to multiply, especially at a gala disaster filled with new intrigues and old flames. And the trouble with Josh, her hired date, is he's kind of cute, in a rugged, too sexy for his own good way. And then there's the biggest trouble of all, because every wedding day is followed by a night. And, of course, a morning after.

Jasmine Hyde
hr min
May 13

Customer Reviews

chlosif ,

The Wedding Date

well the book is good but I absolutly love the movie, ADD IT TO ITUNES!!!

eth ,

Easy fluff but predictable

This audio book is slightly different from the movie of the same name. I am not sure which came first but it really doesn't matter. They are both fluff with little plot and a lot of predictable moments. The major premise is barely believable - read that, not at all. Then there are the chance in a million meetings and equally predictable lines. Don't look for character development or realistic situations. (Of course if you are reading this book you are not looking for realism.) This is a female who is a step back in evolution, feeling incomplete without a man so she hires one. I know there may be women like that but who really wants to read a book about one? But if you like those short romance novels that you can read in an hour or two (and you know the ending based on reading the first page) then go for it. You could spend your time in a lot worse ways.

MissaJoy ,

The Wedding Date

Cute book, sweet movie - I want the sound track. Why isn't there one out there?? iTunes please bring it on!!! :)

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