The Wind and the Void: Nightblade, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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The invasion is here. Already decimated by civil war, the armies of the Three Kingdoms struggle desperately to mount a defense against a force stronger than any they have fought before.

In the midst of the chaos, the actions and choices of a select few will shape the future of the land. Akira prepares to give up his Lordship. Ryuu wanders the Southern Kingdom, searching for a reason to fight. Moriko sits quietly, biding her time before she leaves the Three Kingdoms for good. Finally, across the Three Sisters, Nameless fight to keep his fragile alliance of clans together.

A new age is dawning in the Three Kingdoms. An age born in blood and sacrifice. An age shaped by the wind and the void.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Andrew Tell
hr min
June 3
Waterstone Media LLC

Customer Reviews

MellHay ,

Fitting conclusion to the world.

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.

With the shift of power in ruling of the kingdoms, General Toro and The First have been called home. Though it seems the new Lord doesn't realize the power of the Azarians waiting at the forts walls. But with snow appearing in the pass, the army may have their opportunity to return and hold off Azarians until spring. Spring comes and war breaks out. Will those of the Three Kingdoms be strong enough to hold the Azarians from taking their land? There are things and views that will have to change if they want to stand a chance.

Andrew has become a talented fantasy narrator that I look forward to listening to. He voices each character with a different tone and personality, both feeling to fit the character created by Ryan. He has a smooth cadence and rhythm to his narration that keeps the story moving forward and that I can listen to. It feels as there is much meaning to every word.

I've put off finishing this trilogy long enough. It's always that bitter sweet ending and I always feel bummed for it to end, hence the dragging my feet to listen.

Ryan's written words are smooth as they flow to create the fantasy realm full of worries. I was drawn to the blend of his writing and Andrew's seamless flow of words, envisioning the world and troubles that are on the horizon. Ryan takes his time with each scene as it flows to the next. They aren't drawn out to be boring but well written to feel as you are actually in the world and get the full view and feel of events surrounding you. All options are explored and thought through to come to one decision.

There is so much happening in this world at different places that one POV doesn't cover it all. Ryan has given us chapters by specific characters at the center of the events. We hear from Ryuu, Moriko, Akira, and Nameless. This makes things so much easier to understand and follow, and Ryan keeps it very well organized for us to follow.

The world is in trouble with the Azarians breaking through the pass. But there are a few factors that come into play. The Azarians have a leader, but his main intent was to show his people to a world they could flourish and grow what they need to survive. Then we have Akira, a Lord that feels beaten by another Lord but will do what he must for his people, even if that's stepping down. Akira wants to see the Three Kingdoms united again. Yet Akira grows in his stepping down. He also grows in character with his actions he takes when the world is invaded. He's not the ruler you expect on the sidelines. No. He's the one that acts and does what will help his people. Ryuu feels he's not whole anymore, he has his own struggles. But with the help of Moriko he finds his way. Moriko just wants to leave the land, but she seems to be shown again and again things that surprise her.

This book does give us all we hope for in the trilogy. We have the magical Sense of the Nightblades and Dayblades. We see the Azarians and their true reason to drive into the Three Kingdoms, and how they planned to pull it off. Things get rather rough before they get better for the characters, and even a few don't make it. There was one death that really pulled at my heart strings. Touching. Everyone we've meet is affected in this book, as it should be.

Wonderful conclusion!

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