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From apocalypse…

An act of terrorism unleashed an unspeakable biological weapon…and hell on earth. But as the masses felled by a hideous virus rose from the dead to prey on the living, a small band of survivors defied death and its ghastly spawn - determined to outrun the world’s end, and somehow begin again.

To Armageddon…

But beyond the undead-besieged shores of Europe lies something closer to damnation than salvation. Rescued from certain death at sea, the young Spanish lawyer, the beautiful woman he loves, and his brash, battle-hardened best friend - who have weathered the worst of the unnatural disaster - find themselves delivered from a world of horror into a stronghold of hate. In a United States ravaged by the Zombie plague and overrun by the undead, only Gulfport, Mississippi, offers sanctuary…for a price: Subservience to a fascist dictator and his brutal enforcers. But their reign of terror will soon be challenged. By rebels hungry for vengeance, and invaders bent on conquest.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Nick Podehl
hr min
May 6
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Becky Doster ,

The first two were better

The first and second books were really good. I couldn’t really get into this one. It’s kinda boring. Yes, I know zombies are unbelievable but, at least with your imagination they can be real. This book was just unbelievable. I’ve read a lot of zombie novels. This was one of the worst. Usually, no matter how bad a book is, I finish it. Cause, hey, it might redeem itself. I couldn’t finish it and that says a lot. Even when I read the first book, I agree with the other review i read. He would not have lasted a week. My favorite zombie novel World War Z. No, I’m not talking about Brad Pitt’s movie. I really liked the movie but, it couldn’t compare to the book. Not even the audio version of the book compared. I liked it but, it skipped one of my favorite parts. I’m from Louisiana and it’s totally cut out the part when she’s by the I-10. I lived right around where she was supposed of been. Max did a lot of research for that book. I was totally impressed. My favorite book for a couple decades was The Stand, until I read Max’s book. I only wish I could find the second book, Operation Zombie in English. I don’t even know why I can only find it written in German, Max Brooks is an American. If you want to read a funny zombie book, read Flip This Zombie. That was a pretty good book and quite a few times, I laughed out loud.

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