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Part memoir, part monologue, with a dash of startling honesty, There's Nothing in This Book That I Meant to Say features biographies of legendary historical figures from which Paula Poundstone can't help digressing to tell her own story. Mining gold from the lives of Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Joan of Arc, and Beethoven, among others, the eccentric and utterly inimitable mind of Paula Poundstone dissects, observes, and comments on the successes and failures of her own life with surprising candor and spot-on comedic timing in this unique laugh-out-loud book.

If you like Paula Poundstone's ironic and blindingly intelligent humor, you'll love this wryly observant, funny, and touching book.

Biographies & Memoirs
Paula Poundstone
hr min
November 7
HighBridge Audio

Customer Reviews

Grace Spelman ,

don't miss this one, i mean it. AMAZING.

ive read a lot of books before, and i was skeptical before diving into this book. i finished it. and then read it again that same week. paula poundstone does an AMAZING job at relating history of famous people to her life as a hardworking mother. with stories that will make you truly laugh out loud, paula did a wonderful job writing this and keeping the reader interested. the thing that's different about it is it runs much like i'd assume paula's brain runs. very distracted. one topic to another very quickly. sometimes completely changes the subject. it's not boring at all and i highly recommend it. even if you have never heard of paula, this is a must!!!!

Chuck E. Boy ,

Great Driving Material

I'm a long-time Paula fan, and this one was great. Not a dull/boring moment, and some real soul-bearing autobiographical material. I hope she has more material coming.

dolphinsgirl ,

Verbal Diarrhea for the Intelligent

Don't miss this one. Paula is an extremely funny lady with smarts to boot. Laugh out loud funny that has me listening to it more than once.

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