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In The Thin Commandments Diet, Dr. Stephen Gullo lets you in on his unique weight-loss program that has a success rate that is many times higher than the national average. His two-part approach replaces willpower with strategy and deprivation dining with great-tasting gourmet fare.

In the first part, he reveals his strategy secrets, the 10 Thin Commandments, including:

Think historically, not just calorically: identify trigger foods that can undermine your weight loss.
Slips should teach you, not defeat you: uncover the "24-hour secret" and never gain weight from binging again.
The problem may be in the food, not in you: learn the strategies to take control of your favorite foods.

In the second part, Dr. Gullo outlines his simple diet which will put you on the shortest path to safe and rapid weight loss, without depriving you of the foods you love. He takes the guesswork out of dieting and offers a program that helps melt pounds away quickly and easily.

Stephen Gullo, Ph.D.
hr min
December 22

Customer Reviews

HillSilman ,

good content, a little hard to listen to

Dr. Gullo reads the audiobook himself, and his voice is somewhat grating at first. If you can get past that, though, the content is very useful. It has somewhat of a "tough love" approach - "you're in charge, not the cookie!" It also teaches you to use planning and strategy to avoid the situations that have made you gain weight in the past. The audiobook has helped me to maintain my weight loss, and I recommend it.

LemonJelloKiwi ,

Good information and techniques for emotional eaters

I don't think Dr. Gullo's voice is grating. He just has a New York accent. The information presented is very good for emotional eaters. It's more useful for that than the diet itself. It's really the same diet as "Sugar Busters" or "South Beach" but this book gives you something those books don't and that's how to control your cravings when they're 100% emotional and 0% physiological. There are also good ideas on how to get back on track when you fall off the wagon. Seems like common sense but if it were easy nobody would be overweight and diet books would not be so popular. I recommend this book for anyone that is an emotional eater or anyone that starts a diet great guns & then fizzles out due to over confidence or boredom or life and gains the weight back often. It's the element that other diet books are missing.

Lovee and Ron ,


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