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This recording is an unabridged and unaltered rendition of the original best-selling blockbuster published in 1937. The book continues to be widely read and studied today. Mr. Hill spent more than 20 years following the careers of, and talking to, many of the most successful men in the country. What he discovered is that they all had certain ideas and attitudes in common. He was inspired in particular by Scottish-American businessman Andrews Carnegie who urged him to research and write a book on what it takes to get rich.

In the book Mr. Hill states that his philosophy is about more than just money. It can be used as a vehicle for success in all lines of work and to obtain whatever a person views as "success". Think and Grow Rich is listed in John C. Maxwell's A Lifetime "Must-Read" books.

Business & Personal Finance
Jim Killavey
hr min
February 18
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Customer Reviews

Sasha.Costa ,

Think and Grow Rich

The only complaint I have it that the audio tracks are divided by tracks and it’s hard to know what chapter you’re in. It would be nice if the author would’ve chosen to divide the audiobook by chapters instead so we could keep up with the book. Right now it’s impossible to know where you are.

Cheru1022 ,

first time with this book

This is my first time exploring this book and decided to go with an audiobook. This book was recommended to me by a handful of successful people. So far the narration has been done well so that it is easy to keep up with and understand. I anticipate listening to this several times and happy that I downloaded this version. the price is right and the message is clear, I am ready to 'think and grow rich!'

Fearless Jacqueline ,

this is a book for the ages that never goes out of date

I have two copies of it on my shelves, and refer to them regularly. The astounding fact is that when it was written in the 30's, there were similar issues concerning the country that we have today. His philosophy is very simple. Do the work, adopt the right attitude, plan carefully, and follow some simple rules. With desire, dedication and perseverance anything is possible. A seminal work on positive thinking merged with practical advice on how to create the best live you want for yourself. It changes lives.