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Jeff Bezos is a highly successful man. He is the second richest man in the world, thanks to his highly successful business, which you know as Amazon.com. Bezos started out in the financial industry and then took a turn and founded Amazon.com. Over the past two decades, he has built this company into a multibillion-dollar e-commerce website that is a leader in its industry. He has also branched out into other areas, such as inventing new technology and privatizing space travel. From his lengthy history in business that has led to his major successes, it is inevitable that Bezos has learned a lot of lessons when it comes to being a success. This audiobook, Think Like Jeff Bezos: 23 Life Changing Lessons from Jeff Bezos on Life, People, Business, Technology, and Leadership, by Jamie Morris, is dedicated to teaching you these lessons. Within this audiobook you will learn valuable lessons on topics including life, business, and leadership. You will learn the specific secrets that Jeff Bezos has used to maximize his success in business and ensure that he runs a company that operates like a well-oiled machine. Despite him now having over 55,000 workers and billions in revenue every year, Bezos still manages to run his business with a highly intimate approach. As we celebrate Amazon's 23rd year in business, we will also celebrate Bezos' 23 best lessons about business, leadership, and life. This audiobook is a tribute to the brilliant man that Bezos is and all that his own life lessons have to offer us as we strive to create the same excellence within our own lives and businesses. For anyone who is curious about the teachings of the second richest man in the world and how he came to earn this position, this audiobook is just for you. Grab yourself a hot drink, settle in, and get ready to learn 23 powerful life-changing lessons.

Business & Personal Finance
David Carroll
hr min
August 18
Jamie Morris

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