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At the heart of John C. Maxwell's brilliant and inspiring program is a simple premise: To do well in life, we must first think well. But can we actually learn new mental habits?
Thinking for a Change answers that with a resounding "yes" - and shows that your thinking can indeed change your life.

Drawing on the words and deeds of many of the world's greatest leaders, this empowering audiobook helps you access your thinking style, guides you to new ones, and step by step teaches you the secrets of:
Big Picture Thinking - seeing the world beyond your own needs and how that leads to great ideas
Focused Thinking - removing mental clutter and distractions to realize your full potential
Creative Thinking - stepping out of the "box" and making breakthroughs
Shared Thinking - working with others to compound results
Reflective Thinking - looking at the past to gain a better understanding of the future
and much more...

Business & Personal Finance
John C. Maxwell
hr min
May 23
Hachette Audio

Customer Reviews

DonWinner ,

John Maxwell is the BEST!!

I was the recipient of an autographed copy of this book. I am a church administrator and was getting frustrated that I had not found the time to really get into this book. With the audio book I am on chapter 10 within 3 days and ready to listen again...

Stacy Guy Preece ,

Thinking is such an unused asset

I love this book! There are so many people who have problems that really aren't problems. The problem is how we look at the situation. John shows solid ways how to participate in learning how to think about the events in our lives, to evaluate them, and to use the tools to make the best of them that we can.

Well worth reading and listening to over and over again.

sugrholik ,

Waste of Money!!!!

This is an audiobook???? They forgot to include the AUDIO!! Could only hear first half hour. Do not buy!!!

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