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These days, women rarely come across men who can meet them fully in intimacy, suggests maverick teacher and author David Deida. Why? Because women have culturally evolved beyond men. What does sexiness mean in today's changing world? How do men and women re-learn to trust each other in spiritual depth and emotional intimacy? Beyond old sexual roles, is there any hope for enduring and ecstatic intimacy?

Many women feel that men have become all but obsolete as dependable breadwinners, trustworthy guides, and committed husbands. In this time of focused women and drifting men, how do you - and why would you - find, choose, and deepen with a lover? When we transcend all past roles, what do people find sexually and emotionally attractive? What do men and women of today really want in their hearts and beds?

With irreverent humor and shocking insight, David Deida speaks to cutting-edge women and men who are ready for a new way to dance in love together. Recorded live during actual workshops, these talks are Deida's spontaneous responses to real-life questions posed by an international gathering of successful professionals, accomplished artists, and spiritual practitioners, all of whom are exploring intimacy's next step. Each program is a unique collection of Deida's teachings on how to live as love in today's evolving world, beyond all gender roles, yet fully sexually alive.


Expressing love through a tattered heart
How to grow through long-term intimacy
Sexual transmission of love through breath
The depth of your giving determines the depth of your death
The body is either a cage or an artistic vehicle for love
Practice means noticing you've forgotten love
Closing to emotions means not loving your emotions
Life force is feminine sexiness, man or woman
Women are now more culturally advanced than men in the Western world
Women are choosing boy toys since there are too few conscious men
Consciousness doesn’t move
The feminine evokes motion from the masculine
Sexuality is the play of conscious light
Therapy is not yoga is not spiritual realization; each mode of growth is very different
We resonate others with our states and stages of being, attracting or repelling
Neediness, independence, and devotion
The three stages of hurt
Masculine grows through challenge; Feminine grows through praise
Every lover is a servant of love
The feminine flows like a river, the masculine provides the riverbanks

David Deida
hr min
November 14
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