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An explosive memoir from Bobby Hall, the multiplatinum recording artist known as Logic and the #1 bestselling author of Supermarket.

This Bright Future is a raw and unfiltered journey into the life and mind of Bobby Hall, who emerged from the wreckage of a horrifically abusive childhood to become an era-defining artist of our tumultuous age.

A self-described orphan with parents, Bobby Hall began life as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, the only child of an alcoholic, mentally ill mother on welfare and an absent, crack-addicted father. After enduring seventeen years of abuse and neglect, Bobby ran away from home and—with nothing more than a discarded laptop and a ninth-grade education—he found his voice in the world of hip-hop and a new home in a place he never expected: the untamed and uncharted wilderness of the social media age.

In the message boards and livestreams of this brave new world, Bobby became Logic, transforming a childhood of violence, anger, and trauma into music that spread a resilient message of peace, love, and positivity. His songs would touch the lives of millions, taking him to dizzying heights of success, where the wounds of his childhood and the perils of Internet fame would nearly be his undoing.

A landmark achievement in an already remarkable career, This Bright Future looks back on Bobby’s extraordinary life with lacerating humor and fearless honesty. Heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting, this book completes the incredible true story and transformation of a human being who, against all odds, refused to be broken.

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Bobby Hall
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September 7
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Customer Reviews

GMamabear0915 ,

Beautifully Written

What a great insight into a legendary artist’s journey to where he is now. I thoroughly enjoyed the narration by the author and felt all the emotions- triumphs, failures, and growth- while he explored them in the book.

Gkgukjfufdshj ,

The man behind Logic

This book really lets you get to know Bob. It dives deep into roughest parts of his upbringing, to the beautiful and sweet moments of his childhood and his come up. I’ve listening to logics music since I was about 12 and here am now at the age of 22, and I’ve idolized him basically my whole life. This book made me feel like I was able to have a conversation with Bob rather then just logic the rapper. I gotta say it’s been a crazy ride, and I gotta say I couldn’t be happier for the guy. If you’re a fan of logic and his music, then you’ll be a fan of Bobby Hall and his writing!

Crank1108 ,


If your a fan of logic or even a hater it’s a must read. Don’t be a wiener listen to it or read it.

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