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The No-Holds-Barred Truth About Life Inside the Gotti Dynasty—Told by Their Most Famous Daughter

Victoria Gotti never intended to reveal the inside story of the Gotti household—the day-to-day life of a family that has sparked scandalous rumors and sensational headlines for decades.
But with the pressing need to finally set the record straight came the realization that only she can do so, once and for all. Daughter to the late John Gotti, sister to John A. “Junior” Gotti and three other siblings, single mother to three sons with whom she shared reality television stardom on Growing Up Gotti, an outspoken columnist and bestselling author, Victoria Gotti delivers a candid, colorful, and brutally honest family portrait that reads like a confidential file, filled with deeply personal reflections, bombshell revelations, and stunning insider secrets.

The explosive memoir that captures the Gottis as they are—unvarnished, raw, and real—This Family of Mine is the essential chronicle in the ultimate American family saga.

Biographies & Memoirs
Victoria Gotti
hr min
September 29
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Customer Reviews

WonderFogg ,

"Now That's Italian!"

Loved it. Soup to nuts.

iNerDiGeek ,

Don't waste your money...

This book is more of a 'why me?' saga, complete with government conspiracy- after VG admits her father, husband, and brothers, are criminals; but without any candid details we hope for... Spoiler: The conspiracy is pretty much 'they had it out for us.'
I became bored of VG going between "Why can't anyone give me proper attention?" to "Why can't anyone leave me alone?".
And, while I do find it fascinating a woman can market herself as a hard-knocks, single mom, while draped in furs- it's pretty depressing that she tells this story as though she expects the reader to understand, or even relate.
The story is depressing and stale. It lacks any behind the scenes stuff it promises. The success of this book (and, her whole career, it appears) is just banking legitimately on the Gotti name.
A guilty pleasure would be a fly on the wall experiance. Listening to five hours of VG defending her family and lifestyle makes me just plain guilty for buying the stupid thing.
I'm giving it one star. But, only for VG's literacy and apparent ability to exploit herself like a $2 hoo...

Yolinerrol ,

Couldn't stop reading

I read this book from beginning to end in three days! I could not put it down. So exciting! So intriguing! I fell in love with this family. I cried and laughed. Excellent book! Thank you Victoria.

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